The Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” has crossed its second half. As the tournament continues, it becomes more apparent that most warriors have their own wishes aside from saving their respective universe. However, this does not include Goku, when he was asked by Ribrianne on what would he wish when he wins, he immediately replied that he has not yet thought of it. Interestingly, Vegeta is different and has his own reasons for winning the Tournament of Power. In the latest episode of the popular anime series, the prince of all Saiyans revealed his grand plan when he becomes the tournament’s MVP.

Noble plan

Episode 112 [VIDEO] of “Dragon Ball Super” unveiled the plans of the Prince of all Saiyans for winning the Tournament of Power.

Fans saw Vegeta saved Universe6’s Cabba when he was about to be eliminated from the tournament. After that, he lectured Cabba about Saiyan’s pride and reminded his student of the promise he previously made. Cabba promised the Prince of All Saiyans that he will introduce him to the king of Universe6’s Saiyan planet—Planet Sadala.

During the Universe 6’s Saga, the young Saiyan is reminded of the king of Planet Sadala in Vegeta. With the Tournament of Power now nearing its end, Cabba is certain that one of their universes will be totally erased and that he is bound to break his promise to the Prince of All Saiyans. However, Vegeta has his own plans and he revealed it to Cabba.

According to him, when he wins in the Tournament of Power, he will resurrect Cabba so he can keep his promise. Grateful and delighted, the young Saiyan from Universe6 also told his mentor that should he win the tournament, he will resurrect Universe7 too.

However, the mentor retorted that it is him who is going to be the MVP and no one else.

Negative reaction

The supervillain from hell overheard the conversation [VIDEO] between Vegeta and Cabba and he is not at all amused by it. Vegeta’s plan is a huge hindrance to his evil scheme of winning the tournament and gaining the control over the gods. However, it is not clear if the supervillain is referring to the gods of destruction or to the gods of all, which is the two Zenos. Whatever the case is, Frieza’s plan is still evil and the fate of the Multiverse will surely be compromised should he get the chance to make his wish before Shenron.

Meanwhile, Episode 113 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on October 29. It will feature the crazy Saiyan battle of Goku against Caulifla and her protégé Kale.