The talks about the Ultra-Instinct in the “#Dragon Ball Super” community has not yet subsided. During the one-hour special of the popular anime series, the much-awaited new transformation of the fan-favorite Saiyan was showcased. Goku rises from the ground and is shrouded by a blinding display of white and blue aura. The unbelievable power that he possesses somehow put him next to the equally powerful fighter from Universe11, Jiren the Gray.

While Goku achieved this state, fans saw Vegeta turning green with envy as the fan-favorite Saiyan unlocks another new achievement. This leads fans to wonder if the Prince of all Saiyan will be able to accomplish the same.

The Prince in Ultra-Instinct form

During the one-hour special [VIDEO]of “Dragon Ball Super,” fans saw Vegeta not raise his hands to lend Goku his energy when he asked for it from his Genki-Dama. Throughout the back-to-back episodes, the Prince of all Saiyans labored as he saw Goku unlock a new power. In fact, as the Saiyan goes back to his base form, Vegeta comes to him not to help him but to ask him what the transformation was all about.

More than anything, the event shows that the Prince of all Saiyans is beaten to the punch by Goku once again. However, for those of you who are wondering if Vegeta will be able to unlock this new power, the answer is a resounding yes.

Knowledge about the power

The new transformation was first mentioned by Whiz when he was training both Goku and Vegeta [VIDEO] to fight against Beerus.

The angel noticed that as the pair fights, both their potentials were being locked down because they battle and think at the same time. Whiz explained that Beerus is a successful fighter because he was able to learn how to fight without thinking.

With Goku being able to break out of his shell, it will be just a matter of time that the Prince of all Saiyans will also be able to break through his limits. So far, Vegeta has not shown any manifestation of being able to achieve the same transformation. Apparently, this is because he was not yet able to face a fighter as strong and as powerful as Jiren the Gray. Goku’s transformation was triggered because of the immense power and impressive fight Jiren has given him.

To all Vegeta fans hoping to see the Prince unlock the Ultra-Instinct, let us hope he will get the spotlight in the Tournament of Power and have a tough opponent that will push him to his limits. With the way things unfold in “Dragon Ball Super,” anything could happen. #Vegeta Ultra-Instinct