The Tournament of Power in “#Dragon Ball Super” has only 23 minutes left before it finally ends. Fans are expecting more exciting fights in the second half of the tournament. In Episode 112, fans saw Vegeta show the Saiyan’s Pride when he saved Cabba from being eliminated without putting up a good fight. In the same episode, Frieza kicked Cabba out of the ring and eliminated him. Goku was also challenged by Caulifla to a fight at the end of the episode. With the turn of events, fans are expecting that the upcoming show will showcase more intense fights.

Imminent battle

In Episode 112 [VIDEO] of “Dragon Ball Super,” fans saw how the Prince of All Saiyans from Universe7 showed his desire in taking out Jiren the Gray.

Like Goku, it is his warrior genes that push him to seek out and fight stronger fighters. It is in this phase of his daydream that he was interrupted by Toppo, the team leader of the Pride Trooper.

Toppo insisted that Vegeta fights him instead of Jiren the Gray. However, the Prince of All Saiyans, oozing with pride, hit him with an angry reply saying he does not waste his time fighting second fiddles like him. The Team Leader of the Pride Trooper fired back saying that Vegeta is just second fiddle. This triggered the anger of the Prince of All Saiyans and he immediately transformed into Super Saiyan Blue.

New theory

There are numerous theories in the community about the fight between Toppo and Vegeta. One interesting theory claims that the result of the fight between the two second fiddles will rouse Jiren the Gray from his meditation.

On YouTube [VIDEO], popular anime content creator MaSTARMedia believes that Vegeta will go all out against the Team Leader in the Pride Trooper. Apparently, being a strong and powerful fighter, Toppo will not go down easily. It will be an intense fight but in the end, it looks like Toppo will be eliminated.

Other details

His elimination will in a way rouse the meditating Jiren the Gray. It is worth noting that Universe11 has only three fighters left in the arena. These are Dyspo, Toppo, and Jiren the Gray. With Toppo getting eliminated and Dyspo most likely next in line, the universe will be left with one single warrior. It is possible that Vermoud will telepathically wake up his powerful fighter after Toppo was eliminated.

There is also a great chance that Vegeta will attack the energy shield that Jiren built to rouse him and interrupt his meditation. The fight between Toppo and Vegeta could be long and might last until the next episode of “Dragon Ball Super.” #Dragon Ball Super Spoilers #Vegeta vs Toppo