Every participating universe are doing their best to win the Tournament of Power in "Dragon Ball Super." Since there are many compelling fighters, winning won't be easy. One of the most powerful warriors is Jiren from Universe 11 who gave Goku a hard time and sent Universe 6's Hit out of the ring.

For now, Universe 7 is leading with 7 remaining warriors. In episode 112, Zeno asked Grand Priest who will win the tournament. The Grand Priest said that the universe with the most number of warriors at the end of the battle royal would be named the victor. Aside from that, the victor will also have the chance to make a wish through the Super Dragon Balls.

Vegeta helps Cabba

In the latest episode of "Dragon Ball Super," Vegeta was featured saving Cabba when he was about to fall out of the arena.


He reminded Cabba that he is a Saiyan and he shouldn't be a weakling. Vegeta also told Cabba that he should fight without regrets.

Cabba promised Vegeta that he would do his best for the match. Zeno wondered why the two are talking and why Vegeta saved Cabba. Grand Priest clarified that they have a master-student relationship. It is noted that Vegeta helped Cabba to achieve the Super Saiyan form for the first time during their match when the Universe 6 and 7 had a face off.

The Saiyan Prince's resolution

Vegeta reminded Cabba that he needs to keep his promise to introduce Vegeta to the king of Planet Sadala. Since one of their universes will be erased, Cabba said he wouldn't be able to keep his promise.


But Vegeta said that he can still keep do it.

The Universe 7 Saiyan told Cabba that he is going to win the Tournament of Power. He added that he would also wish to the Super Dragon Balls that Cabba and the rest of the Universe 6 fighters will be resurrected. Vegeta's resolution is now clear that he will help their twin universe once he is named the victor.

The Saiyan's master-student bond

One thing that fans noted about the conversation of Cabba and Vegeta is their master-student relationship. Although Vegeta was a little harsh, it is obvious that he also cared for Cabba. If not, he wouldn't bother to save him knowing that he is also their opponent in the Tournament of Power.

Universe 6 and 7 was seen helping each other in many times during the battle royal.


When Vegeta helped Cabba, Vados even told Champa that another Universe 6 warrior is helping them again. Champa said that he would surely repay the debt.

On the other hand, Beerus was not pleased, but Whis told him that they have a master-student bond. Master Roshi commented that a universe-transcending bond of master and student seems complicated in the Tournament of Power. But even if Vegeta helped Cabba, the younger Saiyan was still eliminated by another Universe 7 fighter, Frieza.