Many things happened during the first half of the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super.” This includes the unfortunate plight of the two universes that were totally destroyed after getting all their fighters eliminated. Frost was instantly erased when he tried to cheat and attempted to fire an attack to Frieza outside the ring. Fans also marveled at the god-like power of Universe 11’s Jiren the Gray as he fought against the fan-favorite Saiyan from Universe 7. In addition, the ace fighter and one of the strongest warriors in the multiverse, the Assassin Hit, was eliminated. To top it all, the first half unveiled Goku unlocking the much-talked-about Ultra-Instinct.

Best fighter

At the start of the second half of the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super,” several fighters were kicked out of the arena. That brings a total of 28 fighters left fighting in the arena in the World of Void. With the latest stats, it is worth noting that the Prince of All Saiyans is the best fighter in the tournament so far. Vegeta has six knockouts [VIDEO] under his belt besting Android 18 and the supervillain from Hell Frieza each with only four knockouts. Muten Roshi and Cabba came third, both of whom were able to kick out three fighters before they were eliminated.1

Meanwhile, the two most powerful fighters in the multiverse have knocked out a couple of fighters. Jiren the Gray eliminated Maji Kayo and the Legendary Assassin Hit. On the other hand, Son Goku eliminated Chappil and Comfrey.

The latest stats are based on the latest episode of the popular anime series. Ken Xyro, a renowned source of anime spoilers, and leaks prepares the entire Elimination Stats. He also translates Japanese texts into English.

Other details

Despite his impressive record on the number of fighters eliminated [VIDEO] in the Tournament of Power, it appears that Vegeta is not yet given the proper spotlight that he rightfully deserves. While his exposures are constant in the most episodes, he did not get the same treatment as Goku, Hit, or Jiren. Instead, in some crucial scenes, he was projected as a selfish fighter looking after his own interest. Fans rooting for the Prince of All Saiyans are hoping to see him get his own spotlight in the future episodes of the popular anime series.

Meanwhile, Episode 113 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on October 29. It will showcase the intense fight between Universe6’s Caulifla, her protégé Kale and Universe7’s Son Goku.