The Universe Survival Arc is the current saga of “Dragon Ball Super.” Fans are currently enjoying the arc and the revelations it has introduced in the Tournament of Power. In this arc, fans saw Goku achieve the Ultra-Instinct. It also shows the unfathomable power of Jiren the Gray from Universe11 that even Goku and the Legendary Assassin Hit could not easily defeat. The saga also featured the different gods of destructions of each universe along with their respective Kaioshins and Angels. On top of that, the fandom is introduced to the god of all, the powerful Omni-king and the Grand Priest Daishinkan. Interestingly, several fans are already forming speculations that the arc will extend until next year.

New theory

On Twitter [VIDEO], a popular source of spoilers for “Dragon Ball Super” revealed that the Universe Survival Arc might last until April 2018. The user claims that the Tournament of Power is different from the Arc. He said that the tournament could last until December or even January 2018. When a fan asked for the support of his claim, the user showed an image, which appears to contain the TV schedule of the anime series in the upcoming months. This implies that after the Tournament of Power, it is possible that there are 24 or more episodes could air until fans it reaches the end.

Other details

That length of time sparked an intriguing question in the community. Since the Tournament of Power is almost reaching its end, what would be the final arc of the sage that would be released after the tournament? Fans have their own predictions about the potential episodes that will follow the Tournament of Power.

Some fans believe that Frieza has a shadowy scheme that might happen after the tournament granting that Universe7 wins in the tournament.

The theory claims [VIDEO] that the supervillain might launch an all-out war against the gods of destruction and even against the god of all. Others believe that the erased universes that will be wished back by the winning universe would revolt against the Omni-King because they will perceive him as a merciless ruler. This claim believes that this will be a bloody and lethal fight that will be participated by all the mortals of each universe.

Another theory believes that the team behind the popular anime series will bring in the demons to oppose the gods of destruction and their Angels. While these are all speculations, it would be interesting to see more characters that are powerful and a different story after the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super.”