As the current plot of "Dragon Ball Super" progresses, there are several things that fans have learned about the different universes that are part of the Multiverse. One interesting detail is the fact that Universe 6 and Universe 7 are twin universes. This means that the races of both universes are the same. There is, however, a difference in terms of their history and the current state of said universes. All of these universes meet in the Tournament of Power as the Zenos' way of destroying the universe with the lowest mortal level.

Saiyans of Universe 6

There is an interesting detail that fans have noticed in the Saiyans of Universe 6 and Universe 7 [VIDEO].

Several fans pointed out that the Saiyans of Champa’s universe can achieve Super Saiyan forms faster than that of Universe 7. Some hardcore “Dragon Ball Super” fans are calling it unfair since they witnessed how Goku labored through years of training and hard work to reach a particular form.

It is worth noting that during the tournament where Cabba was first seen, the young Saiyan had no idea about the Super Saiyan transformation. However, in just a day, he was able to achieve that same form. This made fans fume again, especially with the way that it was so easy and simple for the young Saiyan to achieve the form.

As the Tournament of Power happened and more Saiyans were introduced. Universe 6 introduced Caulifla and Kale, the two other female Saiyans. Caulifla was able to achieve the SS form easily with Cabba’s tutelage.

Furthermore, during the Tournament of Power, she asked Goku to teach her to reach SS2, Goku happily taught her and she achieved it right in the Tournament of Power arena. In other words, that is in less than an hour. This is the same form that took Gohan a long time to learn. Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks labored a long time to achieve it also.

What’s the reason?

According to an anime writer [VIDEO] named Sohel Modharia, while these Saiyans belong to the same race, their evolution happened in different ways. In other words, they have different genes. The author cited that Universe 6 Saiyans have no tails and instead of a warrior race, they are just a police force. The writer believes that genetics play a big role in achieving power-ups and transformations.

So far, the team behind the popular anime series has not yet revealed the real reason why the race from the other universe transforms at a faster rate. Fans are hoping that they will reveal the real reason soon. Meanwhile, the next episode of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on October 29.