The one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super” is the highlight of the Tournament of Power. There are only 25 minutes remaining until the tournament reaches its conclusion. Fans are still in awe at the epic fight between Jiren the Gray and Son Goku. There is also an ongoing discussion in the community about the state that the fan-favorite Saiyan achieved fighting the strongest Pride Trooper.

As the tournament continues, there are several fighters from other participating universes that have not yet been revealed. These include the Namekian Fighters from Universe 6.

Universe 6’s Namekians

During the one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super”, the two Namekians that have already attracted the interest of the fans were finally shown for the first time.


As previously revealed, these fighters are named Saoneru and Pirina. Their exposure in the back-to-back episodes is very brief. They were shown fighting other warriors in the background while Universe 11’s Jiren the Gray and Universe 7’s Son Goku were having the fight of their lives.

There are many speculations going around about these two Namekian fighters. Fans are excited to see them get the spotlight and show what they are capable of. The remaining fighters in the Tournament of Power are presumed to be more powerful and clever than the eliminated fighters.

Attributes of the fighters

One of the many speculations about these Namekians is that they are evil in nature. This belief is based on the assumption that they were not included in the past tournament between Universe 6 and Universe 7, which only allow good fighters.


Even Frost was unmasked to be evil in nature which is not allowed in the tournament.

Several fans also believe that these fighters possess the same power as the Namekians of Universe 7 as the two are twin universes. In other words, they are also capable of transforming themselves into Super Namekians like Piccolo, Guru, and Lord Slug. It is possible that Saoneru and Pirina are also capable of forcefully absorbing other Namekians because of their evil nature. If this is so, most likely these two are incredibly strong fighters.

It would be great seeing them fight against Android 17 and Android 18. It is also possible that they will be paired against Piccolo and Gohan. So far, the team behind the popular anime series has not yet provided more details about Saoneru and Pirina.


But with the turn of events in the Tournament of Power, it is just a matter of time that fans will get to see them in action.

Dragon Ball Super” will debut Episode 111 on October 15. It will showcase the surreal fight between Jiren the Gray and Hit.