Episode 113 of “Dragon Ball Super” aired today with impressive fight scenes from two powerful Saiyans. The second half of the Tournament of Power continues to impress and surprise the fandom of the popular anime series. The episode showcased the crazy showdown of Goku and Caulifla as the latter would like to learn a higher power level from the experienced Saiyan. Interestingly, fans are speculating that the tournament might drag on and might have 20 more episodes before it finally comes to an end.

More episodes

Episode 113 of “Dragon Ball Super” started with 23 minutes remaining until the Tournament of Power ends. At the end of the episode, only a minute was deducted from the tournament’s timer.


Noticeably, it appears that every episode only consumes a minute or two of the tournament’s timer. This means that there are 20 more episodes that will air before the tournament finally comes to an end.

If the latest speculation is accurate, it appears that the Tournament of Power alone will run until April 2018. That does not include the entire Universe Survival Arc, which could run longer. Some fans are happy about this because this means that their favorite characters will be given their own spotlight episodes. Others are excited and speculate that more twists are going to happen before the tournament reaches its end.


In Episode 113, Goku showed that despite his weak form, his experience as a fighter and a martial artist are helpful weapons against his opponent.


Whiz noticed this and underlined that the fan-favorite Saiyan is fighting, learning, and applying what he is learning in the fight. Goku is also shown as a learned fighter, commanding the pace of the fight. He has matured through training, experience, and time as a fighter and has learned to get what he wants through patience and perseverance.

There are speculations in the community that Caulifla might achieve his Super Saiyan 3 form in this fight. During their fight, Goku noted that the Saiyan from Unvierse6 can go beyond SSJ3. Even Cabba, who was watching the fight at the spectators’ bench, was surprised about the power of his fellow Saiyan fighter.

Episode preview

Meanwhile, Toei Animation recently released the new preview for the next episode of the popular anime series.


The 40-second trailer reveals a new character wearing a Potara Earring. Many fans believe that this new character is the product of Kale and Caulifla’s fusion—Kefura. How will this new character fair against Son Goku? What could be her power level? Will she have a Berserk form or Super Saiyan 2 form? All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes of “Dragon Ball Super.”