The latest episode of “Dragon Ball Super” marked the start of the second half of the Tournament of Power. During the first half, the team behind the popular anime series showcased Goku’s new form, the Ultra-Instinct Omen. It also unveiled the godly-power fighter from Universe11, Jiren the Gray. In addition, the Zenos gave a glimpse of their power when they totally erased two universes after all their fighters were eliminated from the Tournament of Power. They also showed that cheaters were not given second chance when they erased Frost when he attempted to fire an attack to Frieza.

Prince vs the Team Leader

In Episode 112 [VIDEO] of “Dragon Ball Super,” fans saw how the Prince of all Saiyans is itching to fight the strongest Pride Trooper—Jiren the Gray.

After his fight with the Legendary Assassin Hit, Jiren retired from the fights and subjected himself to meditation. Protected only by an energy shield, Vegeta yearns to test his strength against Jiren and wants to challenge him. However, his plan was interrupted by Toppo, the Team Leader of the Pride Troopers.

The team leader insisted that the Prince of Saiyan fights him instead. Full of Saiyan pride, Vegeta told him that he is not interested in fighting second fiddle like Toppo. The team leader fired back that Vegeta is just a second fiddle. The Prince of all Saiyans became angry and turned to Super Saiyan Blue and starts fighting Toppo.

Seeing these two warriors fight is interesting since both appear to be at the same power level. Who will be eliminated? Will this fight trigger Vegeta to unlock his Ultra-Instinct Omen form too? Will fans see another Saiyan achieve a new form?

Episode 113

The preview for Episode 113 is now available and it reveals several scenes [VIDEO] from the fight between Goku and Caulifla. As a sequel to the previous episode, Caulifla invites the fan-favorite Saiyan to fight her.

Despite his weak and broken state, Goku happily agrees but will try to fight her in his base form to conserve his energy. However, it was revealed in the previous synopsis that Caulifla feels that she is at a disadvantage and seeks the help of Kale. The protégé agrees and joins the fight.

The “Dragon Ball Super” episode preview reveals that Goku is having a hard time fighting the lady Saiyans because of their coordinated attacks. He can be heard in the background saying that he will transform into Super Saiyan 3. Beerus covers his eyes as he saw his fighter flying across the scene and falling hard on the ground.