Fans are so excited about what is happening in "Dragon Ball Super." Since all the warriors are doing their best to win, every match is tough. With one goal in mind, which is to save their respective universes, every fighter aims to defeat their opponent. As the Tournament of Power progresses, more and more fighters are sent out of the ring. Even strong warriors like Hit are already out of the battle royal.

But the question remains about what will happen at the end of the Tournament of Power? There are theories saying that Goku will be the victor and he will make a wish to the Super Dragon Balls to resurrect all the erased universes. Why would Goku do this? Because that is Goku's trait. He is compassionate and he cares for other people, even for his opponents.


But, is this really going to happen?

Is the resurrection of erased Universes possible?

According to Zeno, he wanted to get rid of the weak universes, which is the reason why the Tournament of Power is happening. Originally, Zeno wanted to just erase the universes that he thought were weak but because of Goku, they were given a chance to fight for their survival.

Will Zeno and the Grand Priest allow Goku or Vegeta or whoever is the winner, to wish for the resurrection of the erased universes? There is only a small possibility that Zeno will agree to that because it is his goal to get rid of them.

Aside from that, a mortal cannot make a wish to the Super Dragon Balls since they do not speak the language of the Gods, Otakukart wrote.


In order to have their wish granted, it needs to go through a God. This happened during the Universe 6 saga where Whis summoned Super Shenron in the language of the gods. Then Beerus wished for the revival of Universe 6's Earth after Universe 7 won the tournament against Universe 6.

Theory about the end of the Tournament of Power

Although Goku cannot make a wish directly to the Super Dragon Balls, there is a possibility that the universes will still be restored. According to Otakukart, there is still a way for the universes to be resurrected. After Goku asks Beerus to do that wish, he will suggest that the population of every Universe be moved to Universe 7.

If this happens, Zeno will no longer need to oversee different universes since everyone will be on the earth of Universe 6.


Otakukart further speculated that the God Of Destruction of the winning universe will become the God of Destruction to rule all universes. The rest of them will return as mortals. How would the rest of the Gods of Destruction feel if this happens?

For sure, Universe 7 will be full of mortals if this theory happens. But this is a mere theory and fans will still need to see if this will indeed happen. This week, episode 113 for "Dragon Ball Super" will air on Oc.t 29, which will feature the match between Goku, Kale, and Caulifla.