Dragon Ball Super” has finally reached the first half of the Tournament of Power and the Grand Priest already changed the color of the sky from blue to green. For some fans, it’s just a normal thing to do for tournaments like this. However, it signals there will be more insane events happening soon.

One thing to look forward to is the birth of a new super warrior that’s expected to show up on Episode 114. Others believe that the two female Saiyans – Kale and Caulifla might fuse to create a powerful fighter. The summary for an upcoming episode has recently been dropped that will focus on these two female warriors.

Episode 113

Todd Blankenship was quick to share his English translation of the synopsis forDragon Ball Super Episode 113 that will showcase the showdown of the Saiyan warriors in the tournament.


“Caulifla declares that she will fight Goku! But finding herself at a disadvantage, she calls her protégé Kale over to fight with her,” reads the translated summary. “How will Goku handle these two tough Saiyan opponents?!”

So, there you have it. These two female fighters are up for another skirmish and it’s Goku that they see they would want to fight.

Kale and Caulifla against Goku

Looking at the description, it seems that the hero isn’t up for anything easy to deal with. Both the female Saiyans have proved their formidable powers including Kale, who transforms into her Berserker state. Caulifla has shown how she easily learned how to go Super Saiyan when Cabba trained her before the tournament started.

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However, as what the synopsis suggests, the leader of the Saiyan punks finds herself in a predicament while she fights Goku. That said, she asks her underling to fight side-by-side with her in an attempt to defeat the hero.

Episode 114

While fighting together, Kale goes berserk and we know how she can be brutal whenever she transforms. However, the summary for Episode 114 suggests that something happens unexpectedly. This leads many fans to believe that both Kale and Caulilfla fuse their powers to create another powerful warrior to fight Son Goku.


One of the anime’s writers previously revealed on Twitter that he wrote one episode about the two female Saiyans. Fans expect that this will be the episode that he was referring to – the fusion of the Universe 6 female fighters.

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 113 titled, “Thrilled! Fighting Maniacs Saiyans Battle Again!!” is scheduled to air on October 29. Episode 114 is titled “Ghastly! Explosive Birth of a New Super Warrior!!" and is set to air on November 5. Stay tuned.