A few days from now, “Dragon Ball Super” with feature the highlight of the Tournament of Power through the one-hour special. The tournament is one of the biggest events in the entire franchise, which was set by the powerful Omni King Zeno. While Goku asked for this from the Zenos, the real purpose of the Tournament of Power is to remove the universes that are too weak to survive. All the universes with low mortal levels are required to participate. This excludes Universe1, Universe5, Universe 8, and Universe12, which have high mortal levels.

With only 19 minutes remaining before the Tournament of Power ends, fans are wondering what would happen to the Omniverse after the tournament? A new theory claims that the Omniverse will have a dark fate after the tournament culminates.


The Frieza theory

According to this theory, Universe7 will win in the Tournament of Power of “Dragon Ball Super.” While all the fan-favorite characters are in this universe, the reason why it will be the winner is to prepare the anime series for the next arc.

This theory believes that Frieza was not brought back from hell for the sole purpose of fighting for Universe7. The villain from hell will be the last fighter standing at the end of the tournament. As the winner, he will make his wish to Shenron and knowing his nature, the theory believes that he will create havoc, which the Omniverse has never seen before.

With Frieza placing the lives of the remaining universes in peril, Goku and his friends will intervene.


The theory claims that the Z Warriors will look for the dragon balls to restore all the universes that have been erased. This resembles the Namek arc of the Z series that happened after the Saiyan invasion.

Other details

While this claim is possible, it somehow lacks the important details. With Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Android 17 and 18, and the rest of the warriors still alive, they have the best chance to fight Frieza. The theory also fails to take into consideration Goku’s new form, which could be powerful enough to destroy the villain from hell.

Apart from those, it fails to give the details about the Omni-King and the Grand Priest Daishinkan who have the power to kill Frieza in an instant. What happened to the angels of destruction? What will Beerus do? What could be Frieza’s wish?

It is possible that after the Tournament of Power, mortals will discover something about the gods of destruction that will trigger an uprising.


It is also possible that Daishinkan has an evil plan to overthrow the supremacy of the Omni-Kings. For now, these are all speculation. More of these will be revealed as “Dragon Ball Super” progresses.