Last Sunday, October 8, the one-hour special of "Dragon Ball Super" was broadcast and today the resulting ratings have been released. We found these ratings to be incredibly surprising considering how low the results were for this highly anticipated event.

The anime created by Akira Toriyama has never been out of the Top 10 most-watched anime in the history of the series. However, last week's numbers are alarming, as this special episode had been highly anticipated by the fans, in addition to the massive amounts of publicity and advertising used.

Chapter argument

The episode begins with Goku being bombarded with attacks from Ribrianne, who handles the attacks with relative ease. This leads the Universe 11 God of Destruction, Vermouth, to tell Jiren telepathically that the time has come to take action and end Son Goku.


Jiren then goes on the move, causing the World of Void to shake and participants and spectators to tremble in fear when he unleashes his incredible ki.

The highly anticipated battle begins, but the power of Jiren far surpasses that of Goku while utilizing Super Saiyan Blue combined with the Kaioken x20. Despite Goku's attacks having no effect, the Saiyan's spirit does not shrink to the challenge and he decides to use his most powerful attack, the Genkidama.

Goku begins to gather the energy for the Genkidama and everyone in Universe 7, except for Vegeta, shares their energy. Unfortunately for our hero, even the power of the Genkidama has no effect and is reflected back toward the Saiyan.

Once again, the World of Void trembles when the battle between Goku and Jiren resumes.


However, this time the movements and attacks of the Saiyan are completely different and it seemed as if Goku had finally attained a power equal to the warrior of Universe 11. Everything seems to indicate that Goku has acquired a new skill called Ultra Instinct. This new found technique surprises participants and spectators alike, considering this technique is difficult to master, even for the Gods of Destruction.

Despite all his effort, Goku eventually reaches his limits and returns to normal after an epic clash and is defeated by a single attack. Goku is seemingly defeated and the assassin, Hit, steps up to confront the powerful Jiren.

In the final scene, Frieza points to Goku and states that the situation reminds him of what happened on Namek.


Will the tyrant return the favor that Goku gave many years ago and share his energy with him?

Ratings for chapter 109 and 110

  • Sazae San: 9.7%.
  • Chibi Maruko-Chan: 8.2%.
  • Detective Conan: 7.7%.
  • Time Bokan 24: 4.3%.
  • Curious George: 3.7%.
  • Dragon Ball Super / Special: 3.5%.
  • Pokémon S & M: 3.4%.
  • Yo-kai Watch: 3.4%.
  • Kira Kira Pretty Cure A La Mode: 3.1%.
  • Sean of Sheep: 3.0%.

Episodes 109 and 110 of Dragon Ball Super get a score of 3.5%, a drop of 1.8% compared to the previous episode. In the ranking, the series drops a position and occupies sixth place in the Top 10 of this week. The rest of the series has also had a low audience percentage.

This Sunday, Episode 111 will be broadcast and although Fuji TV did not provide a synopsis for the episode, Weekly Shonen Jump, Animedia, and Animage revealed information about it. In this chapter, we will witness one of the most anticipated fights of this arc, Hit vs Jiren.