Character fusion inDragon Ball Super” is not new as the anime has had its own fair share of warriors merging together to create one powerful single entity such as Vegito. The latest episode showcased Kale and Caulifla fighting side-by-side against Goku. The leader of the Saiyan punks wished to defeat the hero so she can learn how to go Super Saiyan 3. However, despite his weak stamina, the Universe 7 warrior was able to counter all the girls’ attack. The female Saiyan warriors have been confirmed to fuse in the upcoming episode, but fans are more stoked by the idea that Vegito might return [VIDEO].

Goku and Vegeta fusion

Vegito was first introduced in “Dragon Ball Z” who fought off Super Buu, and it looks like he might make a comeback because of the infamous Potara earrings.The warrior is a fusion between Goku and Vegeta [VIDEO] when both fighters realized that they can’t take down the villain.

The Universe 7 fighters used the pair of the earrings that Shin (U7 Supreme Kai) lends them so they can fuse after the villain managed to absorb Piccolo and Gotenks. In “DBS,” Vegito made a comeback during the Future Trunks saga when he went to head-to-head against Fused Zamasu. The pair acquired the earrings from Gowasu, who was the U7 Supreme Kai.


The preview for Dragon Ball Super” Episode 114 has also been released showcasing the fusion between the two female Saiyan warriors to fight against Goku. The trailer shows Kale and Caulifla fighting together in an attempt to take down the exhausted hero. However, the U7 fighter is not put off by the pair’s attack and even powers up. What keeps fans hyped is that before the preview ends, a silhouette of a brand new female fighter is seen standing in a fullback.

The promo ended with a close-up of Kefla or Kafla, the fusion of the female Saiyan warriors – wearing Potara earrings.

Potara earrings

The Potara earrings have a huge significance to the anime’s character fusion. The pieces of jewelry are traditionally worn by the Supreme Kais in all universes as part of their usual outfit. If a person wears the pair of earrings, it doesn’t have any special properties, but if two warriors wear each of them, it can mean war. Apparently, this is happening in an upcoming episode where Kale and Caulifla are about to fuse, creating the new Super Warrior. It is said that Champa (Universe 6 God of Destruction) will teach them a new skill, which is suspected to be the fusion technique.

Some “Dragon Ball Super” fans suggest that there might be Metamorans in Universe 6. These people were the ones responsible for creating Fusion, which was first taught to Goku. Nonetheless, we are certain that there are big surprises down the road. Stay tuned!