Jiren The Grey, a member of the Pride Troopers from Universe 11 has been suspected by most Dragon Ball Super” fans to be the mortal warrior who’s stronger than a God Of Destruction. There have been no further details about him since the Tournament of Power started apart from taking down the female Saiyan Kale easily when she went berserk. However, he finally broke his silence when he stepped in to fight Son Goku over the weekend’s back-to-back episode during the anime’s one-hour TV special. What the muscular humanoid warrior has shown in the battleground made most fans believe that he must be the warrior that Whis was talking about [VIDEO].

Jiren’s immeasurable power

When Jiren was able to counterattack Goku’s Spirit Bomb back at the hero,Dragon Ball Super fans were stunned even the Gods of Destruction who were at the spectators stand.

Shin and Whis were both in awe by what they have seen, saying that the Pride Trooper is the only warrior in the tournament who’s able to reach a god’s power [VIDEO]. The Supreme Kai said that the fighter’s power is way different from anyone they’ve encountered before. “I daresay like a God of Destruction,” the Universe 7 Angel said. “He is the one who has reached that state. Perhaps even surpassed it.”

Is Jiren the strongest mortal warrior?

Both the attendants can be seen looking at Belmod of Universe 11 and said that the rumors surrounding Jiren that he must be the mortal warrior from a certain universe that surpasses a God of Destruction might be true. Toppo, the leader of the Pride Troopers previously admitted that even he combines his power with Goku, it can never beat Jiren’s. If he is the strongest mortal warrior, then Goku will apparently have a hard time fighting off the muscular humanoid fighter.

The hero has yet to overcome his new form and has yet to master his new technique that Whis has been training him before.

‘Mastery of Self-Movement’

The name of Goku’s new form has finally been revealed during his transformation thanks to Lord Beerus. In Japanese, it can be roughly translated into “Mastery of Self-Movement” that fans suggest it sounds like it’s more of a new technique rather than a new form. The God of Destruction of Universe 7 was stunned when the hero transformed and said “Ultra Distinct.” Apparently, it’s the name of the warrior’s brand new Super Saiyan transformation. One of the anime’s voice actors previously teased fans by saying that creator Akira Toriyama has a name for the form that’s beyond our imagination.

What’s your hunch about Jiren being the strongest mortal warrior on “Dragon Ball Super”? Will Goku be able to fight off the Pride Trooper in their next battle?