Dragon Ball Super” fans were in shock when the anime finally pit Goku against Jiren with the former showing off his brand new Super Saiyan transformation. The new form is called “Ultra Instinct” and enables the hero to fight freely without having to think of his body movements. However, the Saiyan warrior has yet to master his new transformation and if he does, there’s a good chance he can take down the Pride Trooper. The muscular humanoid fighter appears to have relied on telepathy, which is one reason he was able to counter the hero’s attacks [VIDEO]. On the plus side, Goku’s new form will possibly take down the Universe 11 warrior soon.

The Ultra Instinct can beat a Telepath

During the climactic battle between Jiren and Goku onDragon Ball Super,” fans could notice that Jiren communicated with Belmod, the God of Destruction of Universe 11 through Telepathy.

Thus, the muscular humanoid fighter can read someone’s thoughts [VIDEO] even before they move. This is one reason why it was too easy for him to read the hero’s pattern of movements and easily retaliated to all of his attacks. However, if the Saiyan fighter is to master and take control of his new form, the possibility of taking down the Pride Trooper in their next battle is high.

Can Goku defeat Jiren?

At this time, Jiren is the strongest warrior in the Tournament of Power but he may not hold the title for long if Goku is able to master the Ultra Instinct. The new form helped the hero get through the last few minutes of his fight but it took too much of his energy so he could no longer continue the skirmish. However, the Pride Trooper was slightly in awe when the hero started using his brand new transformation although he successfully got the better of the Saiyan fighter.

If Goku can pull through and overcome the newly debuted form, then fans can expect another intense showdown soon.

Ultra Instinct

Yamcha’s voice actor said that creator Akira Toriyama has a clever name for the new form, which is beyond our imagination. Universe 7 Angel Whis previously trained Goku to fight without the need to think of his body movement. The attendant told both Vegeta and Goku that they can’t fight at full power because they think too much whenever they are in a battle. “You two are still thinking before you move rather than just moving," Whis said. “This overthinking is limiting your fighting speed. When you rely on thoughts for physical action, you lose precious fighting time.”

What’s your hunch about Goku’s brand new form on "Dragon Ball Super"? What about Jiren’s use of Telepathy on the battleground?