Dragon Ball Super” has had its own share of character fusion, but it seems that there will be another one that’s about to happen in one of the anime’s upcoming episodes. Both the female Saiyan warriors of team Universe 6 have showcased their formidable powers.

The latest episode has featured Cabba’s sacrifice to fight against Monna of Universe 4, who first challenged Kale and Caulifla to fight. However, the boy believes that his girlfriends are their secret weapon, which seems to have suggested that he already knows the girls’ fusion. Earlier today, another set of synopsis have been released that sheds more light on the female Saiyans’ relationship as well as their impending fusion.

The Saiyan ‘sisters’

On Twitter, Todd Blankenship shared his English translation of the newly released summary of the upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super that gives a clearer description of Kale and Caulifla’s relationship.


The leader of the Saiyan punks asks her underling to transform into Super Saiyan 3 with her, calling her by her name. However, her protégé calls her “Sis” in return. “Yes” I’ll fight alongside you, sis!” she told her leader. Apparently, the meek but strong fighter admires Caulifla in the most sensible way and this has been proven a few times when she gets jealous if someone becomes closer to her superior.

Kale adores Caulifla

“Kale, a Universe 6 female Saiyan who adores Caulifla as her sister,” reads the new summary. “Her battle power as a Super Saiyan is incalculable.” Looking at the synopsis, it’s clear that she sees her superior as a sister, and her immeasurable power will do huge things in the tournament.


Caulifla never calls her underling sister, but calls her protégé or by her name instead. Kale thinks highly of her leader but considers her as her sister. Fans suggest that the description still wants to emphasize that the leader of the Saiyan punks is still the superior between them.

Female Saiyan-fusion

Recently, the synopsis for Episode 114 has also been dropped that suggests Champa will teach both the female Saiyan fighters a new technique. The description didn’t go into details, but it seems that the Universe 6 God of Destruction has something big up his sleeves.


Episode 115 provisional title specifically mentions “Kafla” or “Kefla.” Fans were quick to speculate that it’s a name combination between Kale and Caulifla, and they have been suspected to fuse, creating a new Super Warrior.

The fusion on “Dragon Ball Super” remains to be seen, but it’s likely to happen as there might be Metamorans in Universe 6. These guys were the ones who taught Goku a powerful and useful technique. Either way, we’re certain that the folks behind the anime have been cooking something big.