As with every week, the most recent issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine includes a brief summary of episode 113 of "Dragon Ball Super." This episode will be broadcast on Sunday, October 29 and now, we discuss all of the information revealed in this summary.

Chapter 113

Caulifla states that she will fight Goku, however, since she is no match for him, she enlists the help of her protégé, Kale, to fight with her. How will Goku handle these two tough Saiyan opponents trying to eliminate him from the Tournament of Power? As Animedia anticipated, in this episode we will see a confrontation between Caulifla and Kale against Son Goku, making this the second battle between the three Saiyan warriors.

After his fight against Jiren, Goku is low on energy to the point that he cannot even transform into a Super Saiyan.


His low energy level makes him a target of the members of Universe 3. It seems that Caulifla will interfere and stop their attack, only to then ask Goku to fight with her once more.

Everything seems to indicate that the battle between the Saiyans will span at least the next two episodes and possibly 115 as well. There has also been information indicating that a new super warrior will emerge during these episodes. Is it possible that Goku has managed to master the new Ultra Instinct ability, or will Kale or Caulifla attain a new level of power?

On the other hand, it has been mentioned that the climax of the Saiyan battle will take place in episode 115, which is what indicates to us that the battle will continue into this episode.


More information

As an extra, this episode will feature the debut of Kiyoshi Hikawa -- the interpreter of the second opening in the dub -- and he will also narrate a promotional clip to be transmitted before the chapter.

Chapter 112

Without further ado, we remind you that this Sunday, October 22, episode 112 will be broadcast, where we will see the clash between Cabba and Monna. After losing their team leader, Universe 6 becomes the target of the remaining warriors in the Tournament of Power.

Cabba will try to protect Caulifla and Kale and this is when his battle against Monna of Universe 4 will begin. Judging by the episode preview, it appears that Cabba will struggle against this opponent and be on the verge of elimination from the fighting stage.


Just as it looks like he will lose, he will be rescued by his mentor, Prince Vegeta, who will encourage him to fight without mercy, reminding him that his universe's survival is at stake.