Fans of “Dragon Ball Super” are in for another surprise treat again. Recently, a new report surfaced online claiming that a New mysterious fighter will be in the Tournament of Power. This triggered many speculations in the community. Fans have their own predictions as to who this new mysterious fighter could be. In addition, the fandom is still talking about the new Ultra-Instinct that Goku had shown in the back-to-back episodes. Fans have still a lot of unanswered questions. Jiren’s identity is still a mystery, more so his power and abilities. As the Tournament of Power moves to its culmination, it appears that there are many surprises that the team behind the fan-favorite anime series has prepared for its massive fanbase.

New warrior

The one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super” highlighted the peak of the Tournament of Power. There are still a lot of battles that will unfold as the tournament progresses. Apart from this, there are many fighters from other participating universes that need to be unveiled. The Namekians from Universe 6 [VIDEO] were not yet revealed in the tournament along with the two unseen fighters from Universe4.

Interestingly, the community is talking about a new mysterious fighter that will enter the spotlight. On Twitter, a series of new toy figures for the hit anime series revealed in posters surprised fans. Aside from the new Ultra-Instinct Goku, a new character is being teased. It is shown in blackout silhouette and described as a new warrior that will join the fray.

The poster asked the community to wait for more details.


Despite being just a blackout silhouette [VIDEO], fans are still able to give their educated guesses on who could be behind the figure. The character is shown with a flat chest, slender body and an oblong head. Several fans claim that it resembles a smaller version of Jiren. It is possible that the new warrior could be Jiren’s new form that slims him down. Several others believe it is Hit based on the pose of the figure. According to this claim, it is possible that Hit removed his jacket or outer clothing and what remains is the figure shown in the blackout silhouette.

Other fans think it could be a new warrior from another participating universe that is not yet revealed in the Tournament of Power. It appears that Toei Animation is not yet ready to unveil the character behind the teased figure.

Meanwhile, Episode 111 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on October 15. It will feature the surreal fight between Universe 6’s Hit and Universe 11’s Jiren the Gray.