"#Dragon Ball Super" has a complex cosmology, and all of this gets worse when you mention the Gods of Destruction. The anime has been very helpful in investigating the twelve universes and their gods, but the "#Dragon Ball Super" manga took it a step further. After all, episode 28 gives fans a pretty good idea that #God Of Destruction is the strongest. So, maybe Goku should not mess around with Bills anymore.

The official translation of episode 28 of 'Dragon Ball Super'

Viz Media recently released the official translation of episode 28 of Dragon Ball Super. The update shows fans how powerful Bills is. The episode shows the gods as they gather for an emergency meeting before the Zeno Sama.

Before the group can continue, the gods are forced to participate in an exhibition match, and Bills quickly holds his own.

After all, the God of Universe 7 says that Goku is to blame for the Power Tournament. The other gods are too eager to defeat Bills after they learn of this fact. However, combatants do not have the opportunity to hit him.

All the gods choose to unite to beat Bills. They rush to attack him at once, but Bills [VIDEO] [VIDEO] dispatches them very easily despite the attack. When he is trapped by Mosco, he manages to escape and even hit the robot before the other gods can reach him. Bills manages to throw the others out of his way long enough to charge an explosion of intense energy, and the gods seem surprised by the power of Bills.

Of course, the gods are not the only ones surprised by how intensely Bills is fighting. The Zeno Sama [VIDEO] and the Great Priest Daishinkan are also impressed; Goku even asks Whiss how the other gods are still alive after that.

The other gods survive the attack thanks to the last-minute shield of Sidra, but the God of Destruction seems shaken by the attack. If Sidra had not repelled the blast, then the other gods would have been finished.

Dragon Ball Super has put Bills as the strongest God of Destruction, but there are some fanatics who reject this idea. The showdown in which Bills fought did not let the other gods fight with all their power but the deity of Universe 7 made a convincing show. With so much raw power at his disposal, Bills was able to overwhelm his opponents when he rushed himself.

Episode 109/110 - teaser trailer

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