The winning universe in the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” will have the chance to make a wish to the super dragon balls. Aside from this, the universe will be spared being erased. There are several rules about winning the tournament. At the end of the designated time for the Tournament of Power, the last surviving warrior left in the arena will be the MVP and will be given the chance to make a wish. The warrior’s universe will also have the chance to make a wish. Should there be many warriors in the arena when the time expires the universe with the most number of fighters will be declared the winner.

Latest chart stats

On his official Twitter account [VIDEO], popular anime content creator and translator Ken Xyro shared the latest Stats Chart of the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super.” The chart contains the list of fighters, their status in the tournament, and the number of fighters that they eliminated.

According to the popular content creator, the number of eliminated fighters is given to both fighters if both were responsible for their eliminations.

Best fighters based on elimination

This ranking of the best fighters in the tournament is based on the number of warriors that the fighter was able to kick out of the arena. After Episode 112, the best fighter is the Prince of all Saiyans, Vegeta. He has eliminated nine fighters. He is followed in the second place by Son Goku and Kale from Universe6 respectively eliminated five fighters.

Meanwhile, the supervillain from hell has kicked four fighters out of the arena. This includes Universe6’s Cabba and Frost. Other warriors that Frieza eliminated are Jimeze and Murichin. Another fighter with four eliminated fighters under her belt is Krillin’s wife Android 18.

Universe6’s Caulifla has also eliminated four fighters. She joins Frieza and Android 18 as the third best fighter in the Tournament of Power.

Other details

Interestingly, the most powerful fighter in the Multiverse from Universe11 has only eliminated a couple of fighters. Jiren the Gray is responsible for sending Maji Kayo out of the arena. He also kicked the Legendary Assassin out in the tournament in Episode 111. Gohan, Android 17, and Hit has eliminated two fighters respectively. The goddess of love and the powerful fighter from Universe2 Ribrianne has only eliminated a single fighter out of the arena.

The next episode [VIDEO] of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on October 29. It will showcase the crazy Saiyan brawl of Goku against Universe6’s Caulifla and Kale.