Fans are still talking about the one-hour special of “#Dragon Ball Super.” Aside from the epic showdown between Universe 11’s Jiren and Universe 7’s Son Goku, the back-to-back episodes unveil a new powerful state the Saiyan was able to achieve. The much-talked-about Tournament of Power is nearing its end and while fans are still debating over the possibility that the fan-favorite Saiyan will only achieve the #ultra instinct only once, there is a new topic that fans are talking about. The community is now arguing if there is any other fighter in the Tournament of Power that can also achieve the powerful state.

Ultra Instinct

During the one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super,” a very significant element dubbed as the Ultra Instinct was introduced.

As explained by Whiz, this is the state where the fighter has the ability to master self-movement without thinking. It is also known as the Mastery of Self-Movement. Whiz further states that this form is difficult to achieve than even the god of destruction Beerus had a hard time mastering it. There is a lot of potential on the amount of power that this state can achieve making a fighter who can master it a massive force to reckon with.

Fighters who could possibly achieve the state

There are many speculations surrounding this new state that Goku was able to achieve. One of this includes who else could achieve the same state. Some fans suggest that Jiren could also do the Ultra Instinct. According to this theory [VIDEO], since the strongest Pride Trooper is able to fight Goku in that state, it follows that he can also use it.

Since Jiren is described as having power at the level of the god of destruction, it is believed that he has mastered the technique too.

Another fighter [VIDEO]that could also achieve such state is Vegeta. In the entire run of the anime franchise, Vegeta would always achieve what Goku was able to achieve. However, it will require the Prince of all Saiyans much time to reach the state and master it. Even Goku at this time is still foreign to the amount of power that he was able to reach. While there are several indications that he has mastered it, it is still a new power and he has to learn on how to access or trigger it along the way.

This means that it will require Vegeta a longer time to achieve that state. Another fighter that could potentially achieve this is Gohan. The young Saiyan has a lot of potential in reaching and even surpassing what his father has achieved. With Gohan discovering his Mystic form, it will be a matter of time that he will be able to achieve the Ultra Instinct.

Goku achieving this new power connotes that there will be tougher and more powerful fighters in the upcoming episodes of “Dragon Ball Super.” His newly-unlocked achievement could also be underline of the theory about a future fight between gods of destruction and mortals. #Dragon Ball Super'