Newly released official spoilers and updates for an upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super” have revealed that the highly anticipated fight between two aces will end up with a major elimination. Jiren of Team Universe 11 and Hit of Team Universe 6 are set to go up against each other in a heated duel in the ongoing Tournament of Power.

The main event of the Universe Survival Saga arc is far from over, but several warriors and a couple of universes have already lost their lives to the cruel battle royal. Eight universes have been pitted against each other to determine the strongest one, which will remain to exist alongside the exempted superior universes.

Universe 9 and Universe 10 were immediately obliterated from existence when their teams were completely eliminated from the tournament. The remaining teams are striving to win against strong opponents to save their respective universes.


Pride Trooper defeats the assassin

Team Universe 6 currently ranks second place in the Tournament of Power after losing their fourth warrior, Frost, to an unlikely tag team from Son Gohan's team. However, it seems like the situation will grow dimmer for them as spoilers revealed that Jiren will eventually eliminate Hit.

Official updates and spoilers from Shounen Jump for Dragon Ball Super” episode 112 divulged that Team Universe 6 has lost Hit after his fight with Jiren. The battle of the two aces will take place in “Dragon Ball Super” episode 111, which is set to air this weekend.

The huge spoiler on the outcome of the battle between Hit and Jiren further reveals that the assassin’s loss will give other teams the opportunity to go after Team Universe 6. Team Universe 11 has only three warriors left, but no one’s attempting to fight them because of Jiren’s overwhelming strength and presence.


Can Universe 6 bounce back?

Hit’s loss will certainly be a huge blow to Team Universe 6, especially because the fallen assassin was acknowledged as their team’s strongest warrior. With only five warriors left, Champa has no choice to but trust in their strength.

With Hit dropping out of the Tournament of Power, it is up to the three Saiyans and two Namekians to turn the tide into their favor for the sake of Universe 6’s survival. Further official spoilers for “Dragon Ball Super” teased that the remaining Universe 6 warriors will be aided by warriors from Universe 7.

Upcoming episodes of the anime will highlight an unexpected union of the Saiyans, who will fight alongside each other despite being on different teams.


With the joint forces of the Saiyans, Universe 6 as well as Universe 7 can defeat any opponents and even most likely eliminate the Pride Troopers.