The one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super” will be the highlight of the Tournament of Power. With the recent revelations from the spoilers, it appears that the Universe Survival Arc will show 20 more episodes before finally reaching its end. The hype about the epic fight between Goku and Jiren is still on. Fans are discussing who will win the battle and who is the strongest fighter in the multiverse.

However, the biggest question now would be what would happen after the Tournament of Power? One theory claims that the tournament will end in disaster. With all other participating universes getting totally erased, what will the winning universe do?

Tournament of Power

In the latest update of the universe’s position in the tournament in “Dragon Ball Super,” only three universes stand out.

These are Universe6, Universe7, and Universe11. It is hard to predict right now who will win in the action-packed tournament. The Tournament of Power was held because of Goku’s request to the Omni-Kings [VIDEO] to have a tournament with other universes. However, the rules and the consequence surfaced later, which not only shocked all the participants but also triggered them to blame and hate Goku.

The winning universe in the Tournament of Power will receive the dragon balls and can make a wish to Shenron. If Universe7 make it until the end, most likely, the wish would include reviving all the erased universes and its inhabitants. Will other universe do the same if ever they win the tournament?

New 'Dragon Ball' theory

A new theory [VIDEO]by anime writer Sohel Moldaria claims that the tournament will have a tragic ending.

According to this theory, whoever will win the Tournament of Power will most likely take advantage of the opportunity, especially if Frieza becomes the last fighter standing. Moreover, it claims that the anime series is always about Gods vs. Mortals. The writer believes that the tournament will be the venue where mortals rise up against the gods of destruction.

The introduction of characters of the Grand Priest and the angels of destruction is a foreshadowing of the tragic things to come. The theory goes on claiming that this has been predicted when Beerus fought Goku, and when it was revealed that there is a mortal stronger than the god of destruction themselves.

If this theory is accurate, fans can expect a dark and tragic ending that will give birth to another arc in “Dragon Ball Super.” The highly anticipated one-hour special will air on October 8, 2017.