The Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” is now on its second half and has only 23 minutes remaining until it reaches its end. Fans are expecting that the team behind the popular anime series will show more exciting and intense fights. Over the weekend, the popular anime showcased Episode 112, which featured the elimination of the de facto leader of Universe6 — Cabba. In the upcoming episode, another epic battle is anticipated as another warrior from Champa’s team is bound to fight against the fan-favorite Saiyan of Universe7 — Son Goku.

SSJ3 Caulifla

On October 22, “Dragon Ball Super” released the preview [VIDEO]of Episode 113.

It featured Son Goku in his weak base form fighting against the Saiyan Caulifla of Universe6. In the preview, Goku can be heard saying that he is finding it hard fighting against Caulifla and her protégé Kale because of their coordinated attacks. The Saiyan said that he would show them his Super Saiyan 3 form.

After seeing the latest preview, fans started speculating that Caulifla will most likely power up and reach her Super Saiyan 3 form. Goku hinted about this in Episode 100 when he taught the girl Saiyan from universe6 on how to increase her power level. A new fan-theory surfaced online recently detailing how the Saiyan from Champa’s team will achieve this form.

New theory

On YouTube [VIDEO], content creator MaSTARMedia shared his thoughts about this. According to him, it is possible that Son Goku is planning to use his Super Saiyan 3 form to show Caulifla how to achieve it.

Earlier spoilers suggest that Caulifla will find Goku’s attacks overwhelming and will seek for her protégé’s help. Kale will join in and will use her Berserk form after seeing that Goku is giving them both a tough fight.

Most probably, out of frustrations of not being able to defeat the fan-favorite Saiyan easily, Caulifla will power-up and achieve the form. Fans saw how she masterfully reached Super Saiyan 2 just several Tournament-of-Power-minutes after Goku taught her how to do it. It is not impossible for her to achieve the form quickly. Like Cabba, Universe6 Saiyans have impressive ways of reaching higher power levels as they are genetically different from the warrior race living in Universe7.

Other details

Will Caulifla and Kale be able to eliminate Son Goku if Caulifla charges up to Super Saiyan 3 and Kale to her Berserk form? Will Goku be able to handle their power given his weak state? We will find out on the next episode of “Dragon Ball Super.”