The one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super” is so awesome the fandom is still talking about it. Aside from the epic and much-hyped up fight between Universe 7’s Son Goku and Universe 11’s Jiren the Gray, the two-part event has a plethora of revelations worth discussing. It also showcases the Ultra-Instinct that Goku has achieved leaving the community to argue until now on how it should be properly called.

Apart from those, there are several scenes in the back-to-back episodes that are surprising and unexpected. This includes the actions of Vegeta and how he just could not hide his insecurities with Goku.


The Prince of all Saiyans

The one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super” introduced to the fandom the Ultra-Instinct, a state, which even the gods of destruction have a tough time mastering. As this new unbelievable power was achieved by the fan-favorite Saiyan, Vegeta the royal blood and Prince of all Saiyans, in many instances in the two-part event, could not hide his insecurities.

After several attempts of using all the techniques and power-ups that he knows, Goku used his trump card, the Genki-Dama to defeat Jiren.

In this particular scene, all the fighters, including the eliminated warriors of Universe 7 raised their hands to give Goku their respective Ki. Only Vegeta did not raise his hand saying he will not give his energy to Kakarot. That is a little surprising considering Frieza willingly raised his hand.

Other details

After the Saiyan failed to defeat Jiren using the Genki-Dama, a tough fight and an explosion followed, then he achieved the Ultra-Instinct. The unbelievable power astounded every one present including the gods of destruction.


More so when Beerus realized that what is displayed before their eyes is the technique that even he, has not yet mastered. While the rest are marveling at the display of power the Saiyan has achieved, Vegeta was shown wondering what Goku has done to achieve such power.

Fans saw how the Prince of all Saiyans watched Goku with reluctance. As the Saiyan was thrown to the ground and went back to his base form, Vegeta comes to him, not to cheer him up or to intervene in the fight but to ask him questions.

He just could not help but spew it out of his mouth. Based on his reactions and the expressions shown on his face during Goku’s fight with Jiren, it is safe to assume that he has not even come close to even unlocking the power within him.

Whiz said that Beerus has not yet mastered the Ultra-Instinct. There is a great possibility that if Goku will train and master this form, the god of destruction could go against him. He could perfectly align to the prophecy the Oracle Fish said to Beerus. The god of destruction could make the fan-favorite Saiyan his rival with Vegeta surely nursing his ego.


But will Vegeta achieve the ultra-Instinct too? Absolutely yes, in time, he will. However, it will not happen yet in the Tournament of Power of “Dragon Ball Super.”