TheDragon Ball Super” fandom is currently busy with the Tournament of Power, particularly with Goku’s brand new Super Saiyan transformation. The hero will soon debut his new form once the anime returns this weekend from its short break. This return will focus on his battle against Jiren The Grey. The Universe 7 warrior will unleash the maximum level of his Kaio-Ken attack but that may not be enough to take down the strongest Pride Trooper of Universe 11. Recently, the titles and synopsis for Episodes 111 – 114 have hit the Internet [VIDEO], which suggests that Goku’s battle won’t turn out well.

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Goku comes to a sticky end with his fight

Weekly Shonen Jump recently released the title and summary [VIDEO] for Dragon Ball Super episodes 111 – 114.

Some of it was written in Korean and Japanese, but thanks to Todd Blankenship, we quickly had a read-through as to what might transpire after Goku’s brand new form. According to the descriptions, the hero might be overwhelmed with his new transformation and will have to boost his stamina first before he gets back into action. As for what the latest trailer shows, the Saiyan fighter is badly beaten by the Pride Trooper and even when he releases the massive Genki Dama or the Spirit Bomb, it still doesn’t work on Jiren.

The new technique

The summary also confirms that the hero will get a new insane technique called “Master of Self-Movement,” which we’ve never seen before. This power-up might be the result of his brand new form and if he can have this boosted, there’s no doubt he can take down Jiren.

However, he may need more time to do this as the Pride Trooper badly injures him. Universe 7's Angel Whis has previously told Goku that his weakness is his inability to fight without having to think of his body movements. This new power-up might help him boost his fighting technique, especially when he fights Jiren once again.

Goku vs Caulifla

One of the descriptions also suggests that Goku will be attacked by the warriors of Universe 3, but it seems the female Saiyan from Universe 6, Caulifla, will stop them. She then asks the hero to fight her instead, which he quickly agreed to do. Unfortunately, he hasn’t replenished his energy and will have a hard time transforming into his Super Saiyan form, although he thinks he can regain his strength while in action. After all, we all are looking forward to seeing him back into fighting with Jiren once again.

“Dragon Ball Super” episodes 109 – 110 will be a two-part event to cover the climactic battle between Jiren and Goku on October 8 in Japan and October 7 in North America. Don’t miss it!