Dragon Ball Super” showed during the one-hour special one of Goku’s greatest fights in the entire franchise. The credit will also go to his opponent, the strongest Pride trooper, Jiren the Gray. In the back-to-back episodes, fans saw how the Pride Trooper beat the fan-favorite Saiyan without exerting too much effort. In fact, when he unleashed his Ki, all other fighters in the arena stopped what they were doing and felt his unbelievable power.

The power, strength, and ability of the Universe 11’s ace fighter are traits that fans have not yet witnessed in the entire anime franchise coming from a mortal. That leaves the fandom now to think about how this powerful fighter can be defeated.

The use of ESP

There are several scenes [VIDEO] in the one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super” that prove Jiren the Gray uses Extra Sensory Perception during his fight with Goku. One is when the God of Destruction Belmod or Vermouth gave him the go signal to take out the fan-favorite Saiyan. The instruction was given through telepathy. Aside from that, he has the movement ability technique, which most likely depends on precognition or reading his opponents mind. Since he was able to predict his opponents’ moves, he can plot out his defense and attacks in advance, making his opponents attack worthless.

What Jiren was doing was pairing his insane strength with his telepathic defense. This is one of the reasons why Goku struggled to land his attack on his opponent. Whiz has been telling Goku and Vegeta that they cannot break through their potentials because they think too much during fights.

It is easy for Jiren to counter and deflect the Saiyan’s attack if he is reading his thoughts. Before Goku could finally launch it, the strongest Pride Trooper had already prepared himself a counter.


In the upcoming episodes [VIDEO], most likely, Goku will be able to perfectly defeat Jiren the Gray through the help of the Ultra Instinct. As explained by Whiz during the fight, the state is achieved when the fighter learns to fight without thinking. For one, Jiren will no longer be able to read Goku’s mind, thus he will never know what’s coming. Further, he can no longer prepare a counter for the upcoming attack. Most likely, his actions will depend on his instinct as a fighter. Taking out Jiren’s ESP in the fight will make him one skill short and it will paralyze him. He has an unbelievable Ki and fights very well. But it will, somehow, even the playing field with Goku.

The next episode of “Dragon Ball Super” will air on October 15. It will showcase the surreal fight between the Assassin Hit and Jiren the Gray.