The fandom of “Dragon Ball Super” is now ecstatic. The team behind the successful and popular anime series is flooding the web with spoilers, teasers, and previews. Since October 1, a barrage of information has been released. While fans are still discussing Goku’s new form, new technique and his fight against Jiren, a new set of spoilers are released a few hours ago. It reveals titles and summaries for Episodes 111,112,113, and 114.

Latest spoilers

On Twitter, Yonkou Prod shared the image containing the titles and summaries of episodes 111 to 114 of “Dragon Ball Super.” Since the image is written in Japanese, Herms98 translated it into English. Several weeks ago, at the peak of speculations about Goku and Jiren’s epic fight, provisional titles for episodes 111-113 surfaced online.


The spoilers only contain provisional titles and fans were left to speculate what the episodes might contain. This latest has summaries on it and contains massive spoilers.

Episode 111

Episode 111 titled “Extreme Battle of Another Dimension! Hit vs Jiren!!” is scheduled to air on October 15. According to the latest spoilers, Jiren will move on to fight against Universe’s ace fighter Hit after deflecting the Genki-Dama of Son Goku. Hit will purposely receive Jiren the Gray’s attacks to learn about his opponent’s fighting style and to plan for his strategic attacks. It is also revealed that Hit tried to use his Time-Skip to Jiren, which obviously has no effect on the Pride Trooper.

Vegeta’s Resolve

After Hit and Jiren’s battle, the series continues with Vegeta getting the spotlight.


Episode 112 is titled “A Saiyan’s Pledge! Vegeta’s Resolve.” It is scheduled to air on October 22. It will show Universe6’s Cabba fighting against Universe4’s Monna. This is the strategy of Champa’s team so that more powerful fighters like Kale and Caulifla will be able to fight stronger opponents in their best conditions. The spoilers reveal that Cabba is almost kicked out of the arena. Interestingly, his supposed defeat in the tournament is prevented by Universe7’s Vegeta. The Prince of all Saiyans told Cabba to fight like a Saiyan.

Episode 113

After Vegeta’s time at the limelight, Episode 113 will kick in on October 29. The episode is titled “Gleefully! Fighting Maniac Saiyans Battle Once More!!” According to the spoilers, warriors from Universe3 will go after Goku.


It is also revealed that the Saiyan has consumed his stamina fighting Jiren. However, Caulifla comes and stopped them and asks the fan-favorite Saiyan to fight against her. While Goku accepts her challenge, his stamina is not enough to turn himself to Super Saiyan. Because of this, he will resort to increasing his stamina while fighting.

Birth of a new Super Warrior

On November 5, Episode 114 titled “Ghastly! Explosive Birth of a New Super Warrior!!” will air. It will show the continuation of Goku and Caulifla’s fight with Kale now in the scene. As Caulfila’s protégé, the timid Saiyan will help her mentor defeat Goku. The tension intensifies as the Universe7’s Saiyan overwhelms her with his attacks. Kale then transforms into a berserker.

The new titles and summaries for the upcoming episodes of “Dragon Ball Super,” reveal that the Tournament of Power will last until December. Goku and Jiren’s fight will start with only 19 minutes remaining in the tournament. There are still a lot of things and fights to cover. Gohan is ever mentioned in the upcoming episodes so most likely his time will be from episodes 115 onwards. The same applies to Android 17, Android 18, Vegeta, and Piccolo.