The action in “#Dragon Ball Super” is getting more intense as the Tournament of Power reaches its second half. The first half of the tournament has had a lot of unexpected events that surprised the fandom. This includes the new Ultra Instinct Omen form of Son Goku that gives him God-like power. During the first half, fans also witnessed the unfathomable power of Universe 11’s Jiren the Gray. He defeated Son Goku even in his Ultra Instinct Omen form and eliminated the Legendary Assassin of Universe 6, Hit. In the upcoming episode, fans will see another Universe 6 fighter challenge Son Goku to a fight.

Real intention for the Saiyan battle

Episode 113 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to officially air on October 29.

During the last few scenes of Episode 112, fans saw how Caulifla defeated the three robotic fighters bullying Goku. The Saiyan from Universe 6 then challenges Goku to a fight, to which he happily agrees. Some fans are wondering what Caulifla’s intentions are in challenging the fan-favorite Saiyan. Several believe that she is taking advantage of the fighter’s weak state to defeat him.

Interestingly, a new fan-theory thinks otherwise. On YouTube [VIDEO], a content creator named MaSTARMedia shared his thoughts about the real intentions of Champa’s fighter for challenging Goku. He believes that she wanted to fight Goku to learn from him about how to be stronger. It is worth noting that in Episode 100 of the anime series, she approached Son Goku and asked him to teach her how to achieve a higher power level.

This act is an indication that the Saiyan from Champa’s team revere’s the fan-favorite Saiyan.

Other details

In addition, Caulifla saw how Goku fought with Jiren the Gray, despite the massive gap between their powers. She also witnessed how the Saiyan achieved his new Ultra Instinct form that somehow gave him unbelievable speed and power. Even the spectators and the gods of destruction marveled at Goku’s achievement. Apparently, Caulifla wanted to learn how to reach the same kind of power levels. In addition, she might also want to test her strength and power against Son Goku. If he defeated the Saiyan in their fight that would just be the consolation of her real intention.

The most recent preview [VIDEO] released for Episode 113 shows that Goku is planning to show Caulifla and Kale his Super Saiyan 3 form. This is the form that he has not yet shown in the Tournament of Power, obviously because it consumes stamina faster than his other forms. It will be another crazy Saiyan fight in the next episode of “Dragon Ball Super.” Meanwhile, you can check out the preview of the upcoming episode below. Enjoy.

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