Dragon Ball Super” has smoothly delivered each episode of its current Universal Survival Arc, highlighting the Tournament of Power that pits all 80 warriors from eight universes against each other to defend their homes. The Omni-King so far has wiped out Universes 9 and 10 with Frost as the first fighter to get wiped out, but not his entire team. The anime has also aired the highly-anticipated battle between Son Goku and Jiren The Grey with the former being badly beaten. The latest episode saw Hit of U6 being eliminated when the Pride Trooper targeted him next.


Interestingly, The Grand Priest has also announced that the tournament is now halfway through but it wasn’t the only thing that gave fans a lot of goosebumps.

The tournament is halfway through

Just before Dragon Ball Super” Episode 111 ended, the Great Priest marked that the tournament has reached the halfway point by changing the Sky Color above the battle arena from blue to green. It was indeed one great indication that the battle royal has delivered terrifying yet astounding battles in history.

However, as Comic Book points out, it’s another big signifier that there will be more horrifying things to happen soon as the tournament continues. Fans, of course, can’t forget the big things associated with this color including the fusion between Future Zamasu and Goku Black.

More big surprises coming soon

The green sky has become the anime’s trademark for massive explosives and when the Great Priest changed the sky color, it was hard to disregard the uncanny feeling that big surprises are coming soon.


One big thing that might happen would be Jiren The Grey’s supposed final transformation. Although it is said that there will be a new warrior entering the fray soon, everyone is so hyped with the idea that this character is none other than the Pride Trooper in his final form. If it turns out to be true, then it’s pretty clear that his rematch with Goku will be a more intense one compared to their first battle.

The birth of a new warrior and a rematch

One of the upcoming episodes has also teased that there will be a powerful new warrior. Others suggest it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a new fighter but it could be a fusion between the two female Saiyan fighters.

Kale and Caulifla might fuse soon when they fight against Goku despite the fact that the hero is still in recovery mode after his grueling battle against Jiren. Another big thing that fans are stoked about is the rematch between the hero and the Pride Trooper. The Saiyan warrior is expected to have mastered his Ultra Instinct form when hr fights Jiren once again.

What do you reckon about these big things happening on “Dragon Ball Super”? Are you also looking forward to Goku and Jirens’s rematch?