"Dragon Ball Super" is an anime series that is no stranger in terms of surprises. Despite treating viewers with huge revelations, fans of this highly-anticipated series are still coping with the possible changes that the show will offer to its viewers. For quite a long time, this anime series has been called as the worst live-action film that is ever derived from an anime series.

Despite fans calling it worst and hating the chances of a live-action remake, some of the anime series' fans still want to know how characters like Jiren will look like in a live-action movie. Jiren, being one of the most popular characters from the Universe 11, is among the most exciting characters to show off its newest look.


Incredible and powerful characters

Since "Dragon Ball Super" debuts airing, viewers of the anime series have fallen in love to its incredible and most powerful characters like Goku and Jiren. In a report obtained by Comic Book, BossLogic certainly loves to offer its viewers with some surprises. Hence, he created a live-action version of Jiren; in order to show the series fans on what would, he certainly look like in the real life.

BossLogic reportedly posted Jiren's newest look on Twitter, and it gained nothing but love among the followers. While fans are excited about the possible live-action movie, Jiren and Goku's fight is something that the anime fans have been waiting for.

Goku's transformation

In a previous report from Comic Book, it showed that Goku has undergone his newest transformation and latest technique to fight against Jiren of Universe 11.


While it is still unseen whether or not Goku will defeat this man, it was revealed that the Spirit Bomb was unable to defeat Jiren in a fight. In line with this, Goku is forced to unlock a new form known as, the "Mystery of Self Movement."

In the midst of Goku's new transformation, Comic Book reported that Goku isn't able to hold his new form for a long time. Perhaps, the battle between these two "Dragon Ball Super" characters isn't over yet. Their fight will continue a little later, and it was revealed that a new character is also stepping into the series.

New warrior

Fans of the "Dragon Ball" universe are very excited about the new warrior who's joining the show. So far, no further hints were given as to who the new warrior will be.


However, the series fans already had their own suspicions. "Dragon Ball Super" airs every Saturday, on Crunchyroll, at 7 PM.