Dragon Ball Super” is set to pit Goku against Jiren The Grey once the anime returns from its short break this weekend. The big two-part special is meant to showcase the anticipated battle between two of the strongest warriors in the Tournament of Power. The Omni-King wiped out both Universe 9 and 10 and the remaining six teams will have to prove the Zen-Ohs wrong to survive. The hero is set to release his Kaio-Ken at full strength, as well as his Spirit Bomb whilst in his Super Saiyan Blue form, and recent spoilers from Comic Book reveal how The Pride Trooper deals with the attacks.


Jiren counterattacks

According to theDragon Ball Super synopsis, the hero will transform into his SSB form as soon as Jiren appears before him. However, as they fight, it seems that the muscular humanoid warrior is not put off by his attacks, therefore, prompting Goku to release a Kaio-Ken x20 power boost. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work either, leaving the Saiyan warrior to charge a massive Genki Dama a.k.a the Spirit Bomb but that too can’t get the better off the Pride Trooper. Apparently, the U11 fighter has mastered how to retaliate the attacks that the hero releases.

Goku gets knocked down

There have been several translations of the synopsis for the highly-anticipated battle from different sources including one that clearly explains how Jiren repels Goku’s attacks. “His power is overwhelming, and though Super Saiyan Blue Goku challenges him by raising Kaio-Ken up to the maximum, it is still of no use,” reads the translated synopsis.


“Memo: Goku has all of his attacks deflected, and is knocked down. However, a Ki never seen before erupts from his body.” Apparently, the description suggests that the Pride Trooper won’t just counter-attack the Saiyan’s power. He will also let loose a Ki that we’ve never seen before in “Dragon Ball.”

Goku unleashes a new power

A new set of synopsis has also hit the Internet that says Goku will then unleash a new power called “Mastery of Self-Movement.” The term “mastery” appears to be more of a technique rather than a power-up but that may not be enough to describe the new technique.

Universe 7 attendant Whis had previously told Goku that his weakness is his inability to fight without the need to think of his movements. The Angel has trained him before so he can fight unconsciously and that might just happen soon.

“Dragon Ball Super” Episodes 109 and 110 will be a back-to-back episode to showcase the highly-anticipated fight between Goku and Jiren. It airs on October 8 in Japan and October 7 in North America. Don’t miss it!