Fans were so hyped to see the fight between Jiren and Goku in the "Dragon Ball Super" special wherein the new power of Goku was first seen in action. The scenes showing the fight are so intense that the viewers won't bat an eyelash to avoid missing anything.

As expected, the episode did not disappoint the fans. Everything was epic and it was worth the wait after the anime's brief hiatus. When it returned for its special one-hour episode, it turned to be one of the most epic episodes in the history of "Dragon Ball Super." Fans of the show will definitely agree, especially because the new "Mastery of Self-Movement" form of Goku was shown.

Jiren and Goku's fight

Even before the Tournament of Power started, many wondered about the power of Jiren since Toppo already teased that Goku cannot defeat him.


With that, everyone waited for the moment when Jiren and Goku would finally face off.

One moment that all "Dragon Ball Super" fans won't forget is the dramatic transformation of Goku. The Super Saiyan powered up into many of his forms, but none of them were enough to defeat Jiren. He even went Super Saiyan Blue combining it with his Kaioken, but it did not do anything to Jiren either.

Goku threw the spirit bomb to Jiren, but instead of getting hurt, Jiren simply deflected it. The Saiyan's Blue form wasn't strong enough to stop the attack. With that, Goku had to receive the Spirit Bomb which has damaged him.

Goku's transformation

Jiren won the duel with Goku badly beaten. He was left unconscious and Universe 7 was in total dismay since they can no longer sense Goku's ki.


Even Zen-Oh was about to tap Goku on his pad which signifies that he is out of the tournament. But before Zen-Oh could do that, a strong tremor moved the arena and rocks started flying. A once-disappointed Beerus flashed a smile knowing that Goku is back.

The epic, unforgettable moment arrived when Goku came back with an amazing power up. All of the gods watched in awe as a blue-white light came shooting to the skies right from the ground where Goku was lying. Slowly, Goku got up, and his silhouette could be seen which shows a totally new form.

After the dramatic transformation, the complete look of Goku was seen. The ones teased in the preview clip and images can now be seen in action in the latest "Dragon Ball Super" episode.


Fans are freaking out about how Goku transformed. But, is this cinematic transformation enough to bring Jiren down? We will soon find out in the next episode of "Dragon Ball Super."