The Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” is almost halfway over. After Episode 113 aired, there are only 22 minutes remaining before the tournament finally ends. The fighters are stepping up to protect their universe from being erased. After Episode 112, there are only 28 fighters and six universes remaining in the tournament. The latest episode unveiled the real intention of Caulifla for challenging Universe7’s Son Goku. Aside from the fast-paced fight, the fan-favorite Saiyan showcased his skill not just as a powerful fighter but as a skilled martial artist.


Real intention

At the start of Episode 112 of “Dragon Ball Super,” Caulifla approached Goku and asked him to teach her how to become Super Saiyan 3. Right from the start, Caulifla’s intention of fighting Goku was not to defeat him in the tournament but to learn from him. Goku agreed and told her to defeat him first before he could teach her the powerful form. It is worth noting that the Saiyan from Universe 6 in Episode 100 has approached Son Goku to teach her how to reach Super Saiyan 2, which he happily agreed to.

Episode recap

The entire battle between Caulifla and Goku in Episode 113 appears to be Caulifla’s training by one of the best fighters in the Multiverse. Caulifla unveiled her power, which surprised even Cabba from the ringside. Goku noted that Kale’s mentor could go even beyond Super Saiyan 3. She learns fast and adapts to her opponent naturally. The Zenos were amazed at Caulifla’s display of skills when she incessantly fired attacks at the fan-favorite Saiyan.

New preview

Meanwhile, a new preview for Episode 114 has been recently released.


It seems to confirm the recent speculations about the birth of a new super warrior from a fusion. The 40-second preview showed a new character with a strong resemblance to Kale and Caulifla. She is seen wearing a Potara earring in her ear. The earlier preview reveals that in Episode 115, Goku will fight against a fighter named Kefura. Fans speculate that the new character could be the product of the fusion between Kale (Keru) and Caulifla (Karifura). How will Goku fair against the new character? Is this the secret plan of universe 6’s god of destruction Champa? Is she the secret weapon that Cabba was referring to in Episode 111?

Episode 114 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on November 5.

It is titled “Intimidating Passion, The Birth of a New Super Warrior.” You can check out the latest episode preview for the upcoming episode below.