On October 8,Dragon Ball Super” returns after a week-long break, bringing the highly-anticipated battle between two of the strongest warriors in the universes, Son Goku and Jiren The Grey. The member of the Pride Trooper is considered the most powerful fighter in Universe 11 as proved by its leader and God of Destruction, Toppo. The muscular humanoid warrior has been silent in the Tournament of Power but he will finally step in, challenging the Saiyan fighter to a skirmish. Goku is set to debut his brand new Super Saiyan transformation, which is yet to be named. Recently, the anime released a new trailer of the two warriors’ impending battle.


Goku vs Jiren The Grey

Toei Animation released a new Dragon Ball Super trailer for the upcoming episode that will cover the battle between Goku and Jiren. The short preview shows the Pride Trooper flinging the Saiyan fighter mid-air as he hurls him onto the battleground, leaving an enormous crater. The footage also shows Jiren staring down at Goku who is charging up the strongest attack in the entire anime franchise, called Genki Dama or the Spirit Bomb. He can be seen in his Super Saiyan Blue form and is expected to release a Kaio-Ken x20, which is the max level of the attack.

The stunning new transformation

Unfortunately, Son Goku falls short in taking down Jiren despite releasing the Kaio-Ken x20 attack and the Spirit Bomb. Apparently, the muscular humanoid fighter remains untouchable and looks unfazed even with the strongest attacks that the Saiyan releases. Just before the trailer ends, “Dragon Ball Super” showcased Goku’s striking brand new form as the Pride Trooper stares at him with wide eyes. The new form started off with a white-blue light as the Saiyan fighter emerges with a new appearance.


“Dragon Ball Super” previously teased Goku with his new appearance and his infamous Super Saiyan spiked-hair that remains black. What could be more intimidating than the look of abhorrence that the Saiyan fighter gives his opponent with his new silver eyes? Theories have it that the new color of his eyes appears to mirror Zamasu’s, which concerns fans as Goku might end up a villain. Unfortunately, there are no further details about the brand new form apart from several theories and speculations that it might take a toll on his body.

Goku fails to beat Jiren

Apparently, the new form might be too overwhelming for Goku, which leads to his failure in defeating Jiren The Grey. Hit and Vegeta are expected to step in and go head-to-head with the Pride Trooper in an attempt to distract him from Goku. Nonetheless, “Dragon Ball Super” will surely have a lot of explosives to deliver soon. Stay tuned!