The entire Dragon Ball Super” fandom is currently hyped with Son Goku and Jiren The Grey’s climactic battle in the Tournament of Power. Right now, there are only six remaining teams out of eight participating universes in the Battle Royal as the Omni-King has annihilated Universes 9 and 10. There will be only one team to survive, and fans hope that it’s going to be Universe 7, although the Pride Trooper will badly beat the hero. Out of eight universes vying for survival, U11 and U7 appear to have the strongest fighters. That said, a recent poster for the current battle royal has been released that mainly features the warriors of the teams above.

New anime advert

TheDragon Ball Super Battle Royal poster has been recently shared on Twitter by Manga Mag Japon that features the warriors that are fighting in the tournament. The Pride Troopers from Universe 11 and the fan-favorite team Universe 7 were featured in particular.


Goku can be seen at the forefront with Frieza and Android 17 behind him while Jiren The Grey appears intimidating in the poster’s backdrop. The Zen-Ohs are also seen in the poster with some of the Universe 4 warriors including the magical girl Ribrianne.

Universe 11 vs Universe 7

The other U7 fighters also feature in the new poster including Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, Krillin, Master Roshi, Android 18 and Tenshinhan. Gods of Destruction Champa and Beerus were also featured including Hit, Cabba, and Frost. Apparently, the warriors that are being featured on the poster are the main competitors in the tournament, fighting against each other to save their home from obliteration. However, the main focus at this time is the climactic battle between Goku and Jiren, which will take place this weekend during the anime’s one-hour TV special.

Goku’s brand new form

The much-awaited fight will lead to the hero’s new Super Saiyan transformation after releasing a powerful Kaio-Ken x20 attack and the massive Genki Dama or the Spirit Bomb.


The latest trailer that was recently released shows Goku taking Jiren’s terrible strike onto his stomach. Apparently, the Saiyan fighter will have a hard time beating down Jiren despite transforming into his SSB. The footage then shows the U7 fighter emerging from the foreground with his new SS look. The warrior will also unleash a new power-up, which is called “Mastery of Self-Movement.”

“Dragon Ball Super” Episodes 109 and 110 will be a back-to-back episode to cover the highly-anticipated battle between Goku and Jiren. The two-part event will be aired on October 8 in Japan and October 7 in North America. Don’t miss it!