A few hours before the "#Dragon Ball Super" airs its special one-hour episode, image previews of what will happen in episodes 109-110 were posted on Twitter. The images have surprising appearances of other warriors and it gives us another glimpse of #Goku's new form.

The Goku vs. Jiren image preview was shared by Twitter handler @DBSuperOK which definitely excites fans about what will happen in the upcoming episode. The stills were released on Twitter this afternoon with a total of 14 image previews. This sure is one of the biggest "Dragon Ball" fights in the history of the anime!

Image Preview

As expected, the images show the epic battle between Jiren and Goku.

It shows that each fighter has given their best to defeat each other. But it is obvious that only one can win. Many are saying that it is Jiren who will win [VIDEO] but avid fans of the Super Saiyan still believe that he will win this fight, especially with his new form.

Aside from images of the hard fight between the strongest warrior of Universe 11 and Goku, there are also photos of Goku's new form. The photos seem to show that Goku isn't just stronger, but he is also faster and more powerful. Will this new form help him win his fight against the Pride Trooper?

There are also images that surprised many, like the appearance of Android 17 and 18. Will they help Goku? One image also shows Jiren fighting alongside Dyspo and Toppo.

It appears that his teammates came to help him defeat Goku after his transformation.

Additionally, it seems that fans of the anime aren't the only ones who are excited about the match. Even Zen-Oh is pleased! What do you think pleased him? Could it be an amazing power and surprising ki coming from Goku? Or he is just delighted with how exciting the match is?

Check out the preview images of the fight here:

Jiren vs. Goku

Weeks before the ultimate match, there had been many speculations about the fight. With Jiren's power, it seems impossible for Goku to defeat him. Viewers have seen Jiren's showcase of power many times during the Tournament of Power and all of it shows how easy it is for Jiren to defeat his opponents.

But fans are certain that he won't be able to defeat Goku easily. It would indeed be challenging for both fighters to face each other. As Goku powers up to a totally new level of power, he might manage to finally defeat Jiren.

Although spoilers reveal that Goku will be weakened after the power-up, Goku could stand up again to defeat him. While Jiren fights with Hit [VIDEO], Goku will slowly regain some of his strength with the help of Vegeta. Watch the one-hour special of "Dragon Ball Super" so we can find out who will end up victorious.