The two-part episode of Dragon Ball Super” will finally air this weekend to highlight the impending epic battle between two of the strongest fighters in The Universe. Jiren The Grey and Son Goku’s fight in the Tournament of Power have been making noise since the anime officially announced the climactic battle. Apparently, fans are so eager to see these two warriors go head-to-head as well as the Universe 7 fighter’s brand new Super Saiyan transformation. However, it’s not just the new form that makes fans thrilled but also the Kaio-Ken x20 attack that he is set to launch. Earlier today, a new trailer has been released featuring the climactic battle showing the warrior powering up.


First look at Goku’s Kaio-Ken x20

Toei Animation has just dropped another preview for Goku and Jiren’s fight, showing the former being crashed down by the Pride Trooper. We can see that he is already in his Super Saiyan Blue form while going head-to-head with the Universe 11 warrior. His SSB transformation though doesn’t seem to deter his opponent and so he powers up a Kaio-Ken x20 whilst in his blue form. The short clip shows a bright red-blue light surrounding the fighter while preparing to launch the attack on the muscular humanoid warrior.

Jiren isn’t put off

The Kaio-Ken x20 attack is said to be the maximum level but Jiren is apparently not taken aback by it as seen in the footage. Instead, we can see Goku getting pummelled by the Pride Trooper when he leaves himself in an open corner, allowing the latter to horribly strike him in the stomach. The short clip then shows the U7 fighter charging up a massive Genki Dama a.k.a the Spirit Bomb. The attack is considered as the strongest one in the entire “Dragon Ball” franchise. What we know about this is that it borrows energy from all the life forms that surround the user including trees, grass, people and all living organisms.


Genki Dama

According to King Kai, the Spirit Bomb can be dangerous to the user and the planet that’s being protected against the evil. He previously said that if the user of the energy attack has enough strength to charge it, it can greatly take down the opponent. However, if the user is not too careful with it while tapping the power from the Sun, it can also destroy the Earth. We can guess that Goku definitely knows about it and we know that the hero won’t let us down despite being annoying at times.

Dragon Ball Super Episodes 109 and 110 will cover the much-awaited fight between Goku and Jiren. The anime’s one-hour TV special airs on October 7 in North America and October 8 in Japan.