Dragon Ball Super” is about to start the second half of the Tournament of Power, with only 30 warriors remaining out of 80 from eight participating universes. The other 50 fighters have been eliminated, while Universes 9 and 10 were wiped out following their defeat. The anime has finally debuted Goku’s brand new transformation called Ultra Instinct when he had a showdown with Jiren The Grey. When he charged the Genki Dama or better known as Spirit Bomb when the Kaio-Ken x20 didn’t work on Jiren, the energy attack almost killed him.


We’ve seen his new form a few times, but another promo has been dropped recently, showcasing his new stunning look.

Goku’s new poster

Recently, V-Jump released a new poster of Goku in his Ultra Instinct form, which looks more stunning and intimidating. Yonkou Productions shared the new Dragon Ball Super advert on Twitter, showing Goku in his usual Super Saiyan spiked-hair that remains black in color. A white-blue aura can be seen surrounding him, but what makes it more gorgeous is the set of his new silver eyes.

This color has never been seen on him before and some fans suggest that they mirror the eyes of the iconic villain Zamasu. Others suggest that he might have turned into a Kai.

The power of Ultra Instinct

We have learned that the new transformation is not specific to the Saiyan race. Meaning, other warriors can unlock this form including the Gods of Destruction, though not all of them can. A fighter can achieve this through his true potentials, which means that it directly reflects his inner strength.


Even Krillin or Gohan would be able to transform into Ultra Instinct for as long as they can destroy the barrier within. For a short period of time, we were able to get a glimpse of Goku whilst in this form, but it was too powerful that we didn't see his movements.

Jiren’s defeat

Goku has yet to master the new form, which overwhelmed him that he could no longer tap into his core strength while in his Ultra Instinct transformation. Speculations are rife that the foundation of Jiren’s power is his meditation and his lack of emotions whenever he fights.

The hero is used to fighting with deep emotions and even his opponents do the same. The Pride Trooper fights without this, giving the Saiyan warrior difficulties taking him down.

However, if he would be able to master it, then it’s not a question if Goku can put a stop to Jiren’s formidable power. After all, the new form makes the hero fight freely without having to think of his body movements. Nonetheless, “Dragon Ball Super” still has a lot of stories to tell as the tournament continues. We’re pretty sure that big surprises are coming soon.