The latest episode of Dragon Ball Super” aired last weekend, and it capped off with another impending battle between the Saiyans. Though the outcome of the fight is still uncertain, new updates for the said anime have already revealed that fans will be seeing the birth of a new warrior.

However, the Tournament of Power only allowed 10 warriors to participate for each team. The birth of a new warrior in the upcoming warrior clearly referred to a fusion in the making, and this revelation has stirred several fusion theories.

Anime confirms Kale and Caulifla fusion

The new updates forDragon Ball Super” Episode 115 revealed that Son Goku will be going up against a warrior called Kefura. Putting two and two together, Kefura is evidently a fusion name between Kale and Caulifla, which means they will be merging to unleash a stronger and cooler warrior.


Kale and Caulifla are new characters, and they were introduced as the first female Saiyans ever. The two has yet to master their powers, but they’ve already displayed huge potential especially Kale, who possessed the powers of the legendary Super Saiyan.

Namekian fusion

With Kale and Caulifla’s fusion in the way, there’s no telling if other warriors will finally resort to merging powers as well. The Tournament of Power doesn’t allow the use of items, and some fusions needed items like Potara Earrings; however, there were beings capable of merging with true strength alone.

There are three Namekians in the arena right now, and two of them are from Universe 6, who are currently fighting Universe 7’s tag team Son Gohan and Piccolo. The Namekian fusion was the first form of fusion that appeared in the “Dragon Ball” series, and it's a unique technique possessed by Namekians.


Given that this is something natural to Namekians, there is a huge possibility that Team Universe 6’s Saonel and Pilina will merge. They can resort to this, especially now that their team’s ace, Hit has been eliminated.

Goku and Vegeta fusion

Goku and Vegeta have three known fusion forms, which were Gogeta, Vegito, and EX Gogeta. However, they’ll only be allowed to merge into Gogeta because it only required them to perform the Fusion Dance properly, while the other two fusion forms required items such as Potara Earrings and Metamo-Rings.

With the recent turn of events, the anime has clearly stated that Universe 11’s Jiren is unbeatable because no one in the Tournament of Power can currently contest his overwhelming strength. However, if worse comes to worst, especially once Kale and Caulifla reveal their Kefura fusion, Goku and Vegeta may merge into Gogeta, too.


Android 17 and Android 18 to fuse?

It has been a long time since the Android siblings reunited in a battlefield and fans anticipated their return because they’re no doubt two of the strongest warriors in the Tournament of Power. However, the anime has yet to focus on them.

The two are already strong on their own, and merging their powers will be overwhelming, but they’re probably not going to merge into their fusion form, 1718 in this battle. This is because they’ll need the Meta-Rings to merge, which is not allowed in the tournament.