The first wave of Dragon Ball Super” action figurines are now available for pre-orders. The Funko Pop family published a gallery on their official website, listing out all the characters [VIDEO]that have been featured. As pointed out by Nerdist, these group of toy products looks pretty good. The list includes Whis, Zamasu, Future Trunks and Goku Black. The toy-maker is expected to add to its collection soon.

The looks of the characters

Coming to these action figurines – Whis can be seen looking fantastic with his scepter. Zamasu’s look – on the other hand – is perfected with the cute little white Mohawk that he features.

Future Trunks can be striking their famous pose. At the same time, Goku Black easily stands apart, thanks to the Potara earring on one side. Interested buyers can scroll through the Funko Pop official website if they are interested in pre-ordering these products. According to a report by Comicbook, these action figurines won’t be delivered until January or February 2018 at least.

Availability details

The first wave is only available in limited edition. It seems that Funko Pop wanted to gauge the audience’s demand before manufacturing more toys like it. They have reassured the fans that the second wave of action figurines will follow soon. The latest line-up has also been put out for sale in stores. But not all the characters are available for purchase. Leading stores such as “Toys R Us,” “Walmart,” “Hot Topic,” and others will have these on their shelves soon enough.

Fans will, however, have to fail until January 2018 to get their hands on these figurines.

In a recent post by Funko, the company claims that there are certain store-specific exclusives that they will be launching. They did not make mention of any particular character, which will feature on shelves. But this means that individuals will probably have to run to stores to collect these items first. As once they run out of stock in stores, it takes them a pretty long time to restock those products again.

Meanwhile – the next episode of Dragon Ball Super is going to air on October 8. Rumor has it that it will be almost an hour long. The intense and much-awaited fight between Goku and Jiren will be taking place. The episode [VIDEO] will be full of twists and turns. This has led many to anticipate the arrival of the next episode. The series is going to continue till November this year. Therefore, the viewers probably have a lot to catch up on.