The Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” has crossed the second half and has only 23 minutes remaining before it finally comes to an end. As early as now, fans are already speculating on the next plot that will follow the tournament. There are some who believes that it will mostly be about Frieza and his evil schemes. Other thinks that the revived universes might rebel against the gods of destruction and there might be a bloody war. Interestingly, in the latest episode of the popular anime series, there is something significant that caught the fans’ attention.


Episode 112

On October 22, Episode 112 of “Dragon Ball Super” officially aired. The episode centers on the plight of Universe6 after their ace fighter was eliminated in the Tournament of Power. The legendary Assassin Hit gave Jiren the Gray a good fight before he was ring out of the arena. Unfortunately, with Hit lost, Champa’s team is not looking good. Cabba is acting as the group’s de facto leader and promised Hit that he will fight to protect their universe. The super highspeed Monna wanted to fight Caulifla and kale, however, the leader of the Saiyans would like them to conserve their energy and decided that he will face the opponent.

The Saiyan’s opponent is fast and strong and Cabba barely survived her attacks. Monna mocked him for being a weak Saiyan and sent him out of the arena. Feeling sorry for getting eliminated Cabba was thinking that he already spared some of Kale and Caulifla’s energy thinking that they are the secret weapon of Universe6. Before finally falling down, Vegeta caught his hand and saved him from getting eliminated. The student thanked his master but the Prince of all Saiyans gave him a knee and told him to fight like a Saiyan.


Vegeta’s intention

Cabba agreed to Vegeta and told him that he will do his best to be MVP but the Prince of all Saiyans got mad and corrected him saying that he will become the MVP. He also lectured Cabba that he only saved him because he does not want to see a weak Saiyan. Interestingly, the master told his student that if they get erased, he will wish them back to the student could fulfill his promise. To this, the young Saiyan from Universe6 was shocked and recalled that he has promised Vegeta that he will bring him to Planet Sadala.


Several fans believe that the mention of the planet is not mere filler.

It was included to serve a purpose. According to this claim, it is possible that Vegeta is already hinting about a possible Planet Sadala Saga that will follow after the Tournament of Power. Some fans are elated about this considering that it will be a fresh approach for the anime series. Planet Sadala is the home planet of the Saiyans of Universe6.

Meanwhile, Episode 113 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on October 29. It will feature the crazy Saiyan fight of Goku, against Kale and Caulifla.