The Universe Survival Arc of “Dragon Ball Super” introduced a whole world of interesting characters to the fandom. Fans have learned that aside from the earth and all other planets there are more universes out there. There are rulers, deities, and entities of much higher power than King Kai. Fans were introduced to other universes with each overseen by a god of destruction, a Kaioshin, and an Angel. The arc also introduced Zeno, the King of all as well as the Grand Priest Daishinkan. With the current run of the Tournament of Power, fans are wondering what could the team behind the popular anime series offer after this?

New theory

The fandom of “Dragon Ball Super” is a whole bunch of smart and creative fans that can come up with their own theories and speculations with solid pieces of evidence to back up their claims.

Throughout the entire run of the Universe Survival Arc, fans have been speculating on the content of the next arc that will surpass the impressive feat of the current arc. Interestingly a new theory [VIDEO] recently surfaced online stating what the next arc could potentially contain.

Other details

According to this theory, in order for the upcoming saga to surpass the current arc, Toei Animation and Bandai Namco should bring in the demons. The claim believes that since the gods of destructions were introduced it is but logical to follow it up with their negative counterparts, the demons. In addition, the theory believes that the creator of the anime and Manga, Akira Toriyama is a believer of the Yin-Yang.

For those who are not aware, the Yin-Yang is a sphere made up of a couple of halves one representing white and the other representing black.

It is believed that the two halves always stand for the two opposing sides, the good and the evil. It is also viewed by some as the balance.

The theory goes on that if the previous arc introduced the good entities represented by the Angles who oversee the gods of destruction; there should be demons that would represent the other side. It also thinks that with the demons in the plot, the team behind the popular anime series could even explore the presence of entities.

There are other theories [VIDEO] claiming that after the Tournament of Power and the winning universe has made its wish to Shenron, a new arc will be introduced that will pick up where the tournament ended. It speculates that most likely, the revived universes will rebel against the Omni-King and a bloody and intense battle will follow.

Meanwhile, Episode 112 of “Dragon Ball Super” will air on October 22. It will show the plight of Universe6 after Hit was eliminated in the tournament.