Son Goku is set to debut his brand new Super Saiyan transformation onceDragon Ball Super” returns this weekend to finally pit him against Universe 11’s strongest Pride Trooper, Jiren The Grey. There have been a lot of theories and speculations regarding the new form, including one that says the Kaio-Ken x20 attack will be the foundation of the new Super Saiyan (SS) form. The anime is currently on a week-long break but before Episode 108 ended, a short clip that showcases the battle was featured. Apparently, the muscular humanoid fighter of U11 seems unfazed by the attack.


A new preview has just been released showing the Saiyan warrior getting crushed.

Goku gets wrecked

Toei Animation released the new trailer for the upcoming battle, which features Goku being run down by his opponent. The footage shows the fighter going on a wild skirmish with the Pride Trooper whilst in his Super Saiyan Blue form. Unfortunately, the Universe 7 warrior appears on the hop when he allows himself to be open in a wrong situation, giving Jiren a good chance to launch an assault against him. At that moment, the muscular humanoid fighter flings him into a boulder with a horrible strike to his stomach.

Goku charges the strongest attacks

The preview then featured Goku powering up the Kaio-Ken x20 attack, which is already the maximum level while in his SSB form. However, the strongest Pride Trooper doesn’t seem daunted by the attack and instead, appears prepared for it. Since the Kaio-Ken x20 doesn’t work on the Universe 11 fighter, the Saiyan opted to charge up a massive Genki Dama or known as the Spirit Bomb. He can be seen launching the energy attack on Jiren but again, the muscular humanoid fighter is not concerned by it, although he can be seen widening his eyes.


Goku transforms

Despite launching the Genki Dama, which is the strongest attack in the entire “Dragon Ball” franchise, it looks like Jiren is not taken down by it. Instead, the clip shows a stunned Goku before he emerges from a blinding white-blue light with his new look. According to the trailer, the U7 fighter can be seen with his usual SS spiked-hair and the color remains black.

Another thing that's keeping the fans buzzing is the warrior’s new set of silver eyes – something that we’ve never seen before.

Goku will soon debut his brand new form during the one-hour TV special ofDragon Ball Super.” Episodes 109 and 110 will be a back-to-back episode to cover the incredible battle. It airs on October 7 in North America and October 8 in Japan. Don’t miss it!