The highly anticipated one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super” will be aired in a few days from now. The two-part event has been hyped for several weeks already. Aside from the epic fight between Universe7’s Son Goku and Universe11’s Jiren the Gray, fans are also anticipating Goku’s new form. Several spoilers are revealing fans with details on how the fight will take place. Recently, however, a new spoiler surfaced online. Interestingly, it contains new details, which includes a possible treachery committed by one of the Supreme Kaioshin.

New spoilers

On Twitter, the ever-reliable Ken Xyro and Yonkou Prod shared an image of the new scan of “Dragon Ball Super” from Jump magazine.

Ken Xyro translated the Japanese text to English, and Yonkou Prod produced the scan. According to this new set of spoilers, the one-hour special will be the anime series’ biggest decisive battle.

The scan also gives details about the mysterious fighter from Universe11. Jiren the Gray is described as a quiet warrior. According to the spoiler, his spirit alone releases a strong feeling of intimidation. It is revealed that Son Goku will invite him to a one-on-one fight. In addition to this, the scan also reveals that the Super Saiyan Blue Goku could not even scratch the ace fighter of the Pride Troopers. Because of this, Goku will use his trump card, the Genki Dama. In the upcoming episode, it was revealed that even the Prince of all Saiyans Vegeta is amazed at the power of Jiren the Gray.


The details revealed in the most recent spoiler [VIDEO] are something that fans already know because of earlier spoilers.

However, there is an interesting revelation included in the latest scan, which could hint that there is an ongoing treachery among the overseers of the universes.

According to the scan, the Kaioshin of Universe11 gives the signal. What could this signal be about? Is it just about the time to fight or is it anything else? What is the grand plan of Universe11 in this tournament? It also shows Belmond and Macarita standing side by side behind the Supreme Kai.

In addition, it shares that since the Kaioshin feels that it is already the turning point of the Tournament of Power, Jiren the Ace is instructed to fight. Notice the term used in this spoiler is Ace, not Gray. Is this just an error or is this deliberately placed there?

Meanwhile, Toei Animation [VIDEO] recently drops a new episode preview. You can check out the latest trailer below, which contains the spectacular video showing Goku’s new form. The much-awaited back-to-back episodes of “Dragon Ball Super” are scheduled to air on October 8, 2017.