The hype for the one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super” continues as Toei Animation drops a new extended promo teaser for the back-to-back episode. On October 1, a 15-second preview was released giving fans a brief look at the much-awaited new form of Goku. This time, the trailer is a much longer video and showcases the epic fight between Jiren the Gray and the fan-favorite Saiyan, Son Goku. It also highlights the new form of Goku, which appears to be extremely terrifying.

New promo teaser

As the one-hour special of “Dragon Ball Super” draws near its airing date, Toei Animation releases another promo teaser to hype up the fans.

The preview starts with Universe7’s Son Goku and Universe11’s Jiren the Gray fighting intensely. Goku can be seen throwing the massive ball of Genki Dama towards Jiren, which appears to be well-prepared for the attack.

The Pride Trooper’s reaction shows anticipation and when the ball is about to hit him, a smirk can be seen on his face. It seems like Jiren belittles the attack. There is also a scene that shows the Saiyan powering up his Kaioken while in his Super Saiyan Blue form. Despite the action-filled scenes, it is the last scene in the video that apparently steal everybody’s attention.

New terrifying form

In the trailer, Goku is shown charging up, a scene very typical of the Saiyan when he is engaged in a fight. However, after the spellbinding array of light, he is seen with an absolutely different look.

His forehead shows bulging veins [VIDEO] and instead of the previously leaked silver eyes, the Saiyan’s eyes appear to be pupil-less.

Aside from this, he is shown gritting his teeth that sends an intimidating feel. A massive energy seems to be covering his entire body as he charges up. After that, the screen whites out, indicating that his energy reaches its peak, unveiling his new form. The new promo teaser culminates with debris floating as the Saiyan’s body appears on screen. While standing, Goku’s back is exposed with his clothing torn.

While the new teaser [VIDEO]shows Goku’s new terrifying form, fans know that it will not be enough to defeat or eliminate Jiren the Gray. The next episode after the one-hour special will feature another intense fight between Jiren and Hit. What had happened to Goku in the epic battle is still unknown and fans are coming up with different speculations about it.

Is Goku’s new form relevant to the provisional title of Episode 113 about the Maniac Saiyan? Goku’s new form and his fight with Jiren the Gray will be available to “Dragon Ball Super” fans on October 8.