The Tournament of Power of “Dragon Ball Super” is now on its second half and approaching the ultimate phase. Fans are looking forward to more intense fights to be showcased by the remaining fighters of the participating universes. There were many vital events that happened in the first half of the tournament. These include Goku’s Ultra-Instinct and Hit’s unexpected elimination. In addition, fans saw the annihilation of two universes and Frost’s automatic destruction. To top it all, the first half stunned the fandom when it unmasked the overpowered fighter of Universe11—Jiren the Gray. As interesting and exciting as the first half is, the new set of images of the upcoming episodes of the popular anime series are even more exciting.

Fused Evil Namekian

The official Twitter account [VIDEO] of “Dragon Ball Super” recently released a new set of images for Episode 112. One of the images showed Gohan and Piccolo. The Saiyan and his mentor appear to be having a difficult time fighting their opponent. Piccolo looks pained and is shown holding his right arm. On the other hand, Gohan is catching an attack from an opponent who is using his hand emitting a yellow aura.

At first glance, anyone can tell that the Z warriors are having a tough fight. However, there are several speculations from fans that Gohan and Piccolo could be fighting against a Fused Namekian.

It is worth noting that Universe6 has a couple of Namekian fighters that were first shown in the tournament during Goku and Jiren’s fight. Their exposure is so brief that they were just seen fighting other.


There are several discussions in the community among fans about these Namekian fighters. [VIDEO] Several fans believe that they are evil, since they were not included in the previous tournament between Universe6 and Universe7 intended only for fighters who are good. The fighters are also believed to have the same powers as the Namekians of Universe7 since the two are twin universes. This means that they can also transform into Super Namekians and perform other things that Universe7 Namekians can.

In addition, fans believe that the presence of two Namekian fighters could be a hint of a possible fusion to give birth to a more powerful and stronger Fused Namekian. Is it possible that Gohan and Piccolo are already fighting a fused Namekian? Does the image showing a single opponent giving them a tough fight already a giveaway clue?

While the speculations could be possible, the image could also suggest otherwise.

It is worth noting that Gohan is fighting in his base form and if the duo is really having a tough fight, the Saiyan could have already used his more powerful form.

The images are from Episode 112 of “Dragon Ball Super.” It is titled “A Saiyan’s Vow! Vegeta’s Resolution!!” The episode will air on October 22.