Dragon Ball has had a number of fighters who took on new forms such as Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu, and Son Goku. In “DBS,” Goku is the latest fighter to transform into a brand new Super Saiyan form called “Ultra Instinct” or the “Mastery of Self-Movement.” Goku managed to transform into his new form after Jiren The Grey badly beat him down during their battle in the previous two episodes. Now, it looks like it’s not just the hero who has a new transformation but the strongest Pride Trooper himself too.

Will Jiren transform?

Recently, Dragon Ball Super released a new poster for [VIDEO] the anime’s line of figures, showcasing some characters, including Goku, as well as a mystery fighter that fans suspect to be Jiren’s new transformation.

Todd Blankenship shared the new promo on Twitter and his English translation of one of its advertisements that shows a silhouette that says “Coming Soon.” Although it is way slimmer than the normal Jiren The Grey, many fans suggest that the High-Grade figure might be his new form. The figure’s head looks exactly like that of the Pride Trooper’s bald head and oblong curves. Most fans believe that the muscular humanoid warrior might slim down once he transforms, which is not new to the anime.

The Omen

According to Todd Blankenship’s translation, the High-Grade “Dragon Ball Super” figure is called Ultra Instinct "Omen.” Despite the idea that a new warrior will enter the fray soon, fans can’t seem to stop speculating that the new mysterious figure is Jiren’s brand new form [VIDEO]. It can be recalled in “DBZ” when Frieza’s final form was way smaller than what fans expected.

Creator Akira Toriyama, though, explained that he wanted the villain’s form to look less intimidating. Both Majin Buu and Cell were also slimmed down in their final forms and if Jiren does, it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise.

Jiren vs Goku

Goku failed to defeat the strongest Pride Trooper during their highly-anticipated battle, despite launching his Kaio-Ken x20 and a massive Genki Dama, otherwise known as the Spirit Bomb. His brand new Super Saiyan transformation didn’t even work on the muscular humanoid warrior. The Universe 11 warrior left the hero so badly beaten that even Whis and Shin were amazed by his power. The Angels said that he is one warrior as powerful as the Gods of Destruction or he could even surpass them.

“Dragon Ball Super” has yet to announce Goku and Jiren’s next battle but fans are already hyped with what their next skirmish has in store for everyone. The Saiyan’s mastery of his new form is highly-anticipated. If Jiren gets a new form, then we should all expect another intense battle coming soon.